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Wimco Villas in Anguilla

Why It’s Time to go Back to Anguilla

Villa Specialists Michael, Steve and Suzanne just returned from Anguilla. Below, they give you their impressions on the island post-Irma, including villas, restaurants, and the best routes to get there! THE VIEW FROM THE TOP Anguilla:...


Celebrity News from St Barts

Celebrity News from St Barts There’s a lot to love in St Barths…from pristine beaches like Saline and Gouverneur to the charming harbor town of Gustavia to casual beach bars like Nikki Beach and Pearl...

vacation rental st barts

St. Barths after Irma – Vacation Testimonials

St. Barths Testimonials from November, 2017 In the month of November, some of the first visitors of the season arrived on St. Barths just two months after hurricane Irma passed over the island. These are...

St. Barths with Wimco Villas

A Villa with a View

Being a photographer opens up doors to a wide variety of projects and sometimes those projects take you someplace magical. When Wimco Villas invited me to St. Barths to shoot for their Vendome Guide this...

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St. Barths Over the Years

Take a trip around the beautiful island of St. Barths through this amazing video capture recorded over the years by one of our talented clients, Videographer Laura Habecker. From the seemingly hand-painted sunsets to the...


Mustique Getaway

Suzanne G., Villa Specialist I awoke to incredible views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Nearby, the soft rolling hills were dotted with tortoises crawling ever so slowly to their intended destination. The breezes...

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