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Italy in Winter

A Guide to Visiting Italy in the Winter

The leaves are falling, the crowds have gone: there is no better time of year to enjoy the cultural riches of the Italy’s “art cities”! Although Italy is rightly considered as one of the top...

porto venere lookout

A Summer Vacation in Italy- Day 1

Our flight from Boston to Rome was pretty much a breeze. The line to go through security was on the longer side, but it moved quickly and our gate wasn’t a mile away, which is...


July 2011 Villa of the Month: San Valentino

Located atop rolling hills in the beautiful Lazio, Italy, Villa San Valentino makes a perfect destination for a family or group vacation to Italy. San Valentino comes with everything visitors will need: beautiful scenery, a spacious...


Eat, Pray, Love in Roma!

Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Robert’s hits the theaters today. Based off of Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, Roberts (as Gilbert), who after a painful divorce and seeking life change, sets out on a trip around the...

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