Just back from... St. Barths
Ever wanted to take a vacation, but really craved a personal recommendation? A seal of approval? Villa Specialists Glennie & Bethany, have a combined 50 years of experience visiting St. Barths. They'll share with you what villas they love, and get to know you so they can plan a vacation tailored to you.
Villa Specialist Glenn - WIMCO Trip Report
Two bedrooms I Loved
"We have a great selection in all price ranges. The villas below are well-sized for couples or families, and reasonable in price - gems that will make anyone feel at home. They were some of my favorites this trip."  - Glennie
Villa WV CBA, 2br, Grand Cul de Sac
Villa WV LNA, 2br, Colombier
Villa WV VLY, 2br, Toiny
Villa WV BLR, 2br, Colombier
Villa Specialist Bethany - Read my WIMCO Trip Report
Where We Stayed
"On our trips to St. Barths, we often stay at several villas for three nights each. This allows us to see what the villa experience is really like for the guest - is the kitchen suited for cooks? What's the breeze like?" - Bethany
Villa WV JAY, 3br, Mont Jean
Villa WV MOZ, 4br, Pointe Milou
Villa WV LLA, 3br, St. Jean
A Few Days in Anguilla...
"I took the easy 12 minute flight to Anguilla for a quick three-day trip. I toured villas and visited the Malliouhana, Zemi Beach and Four Seasons hotels." - Bethany
Villa AXA SAN, 6br, Long Bay
Villa AL AL2, 5br, Shoal Bay East
New & Noteworthy
Villa WV AXL, 4br, Gustavia
Villa WV LAO, 3br, Corossol
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