WIMCO Villas
By the Beach

What's the most requested criteria we hear from you when looking for villas? You want to wake up to the sound of the surf! Take a look at some of our favorite villas on the beach.
Turks & Caicos
TIP The restaurant scene in Turks is decidedly laid back. If you're looking for a celebratory dinner - ask us to arrange a special meal prepared by a chef in your villa. EXPLORE >
TIP Barbados may be known for its large estates with staff, but you might be surprised at how many smaller villas and beachfront hideaways there are - ideal for couples or mother-daughter trips. EXPLORE >
Punta Mita & Playa del Carmen

While both are stunning, Punta Mita is an easy escape for west-coasters, and Playa del Carmen a breeze for everyone else. In Punta Mita you'll enjoy amazing day trips on boats, the funky village of Sayolita (whose restaurant scene has become impressive), and gorgeous clear waters. Playa del Carmen is nearby to Tulum, and almost has a jungle-vibe to it. You can take advantage of great bike rides, hikes, and more exploration (in addition to sunbathing and general relaxation.) 
TIP Puerto Vallarta airport is a quick 45 mins to Punta Mita, whereas Cancun airport is a larger, busier airport and about an hour from Playa del Carmen. EXPLORE >