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St. Barths

The tiny gem in the Caribbean is hard at work, getting greener every day, and gearing up for the holiday season. What can you expect this year? Read on to hear about restaurant news, fully inspected villas, and insights from those on the island! SEE THIS WEEK'S PHOTO JOURNAL >
Lunch on the beach:
Lunch at Le Barthelemy Looking to have lunch with your feet in the sand? We’ve teamed up with Hotel Le Barthelemy to provide a fabulous catered picnic at the beach of your choosing (excluding Colombier). Reserve 24 hours in advance, and have lunch in paradise! (60€ per person, includes beach chairs, towels and umbrellas.)
Ready for the Holidays

Fanny, Thibault and David from our St. Barths team give these villas their seal of approval. Read what some of our guests have been saying about them.

"We decided to do a simple villa lunch today: two jambon baguettes with an inexpensive White Burgundy. I’m at less than €25 for the cost of a villa lunch, with a million-dollar view, and the Cata Cup in the background for entertainment."

"St. Barths for the holidays will be–in my humble estimation–more like the old days: a simpler fare, and a simpler life and speed."

"The island is different, and it's not perfect, but it's wonderful and it harkens back to the old days... you can get a parking spot, a reservation, the beaches are not crowded and it makes this season a great season to spend time there."
We can get you there:
Yes, there are flights! You may be surprised with the range of options our Air Department can put together for you. From San Juan, Tradewind offers an efficient connection though prices come at a premium. Air America and Air Paradise are also options. If you can find flights into St Martin, Win-Air and St. Barth Commuter are good options for the final leg. For the no frills traveler, ask about Ferry service.