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Villas for Two - Vacation Valentine
In honor of Valentine's Day, we're rounding up some of our favorite one bedroom villas to take a trip with someone you love.  
Take a mother-daughter trip and bike and sip your way through Tuscany. Or, cross off your bucket-list with an uber romantic visit to the Amalfi Coast, with afternoons bathing in the Med. 
Cayman Islands, Barbados, Turks & Caicos
There's something seductive about places you can get to on a direct flight. Arriving in time for lunch seems to start a trip on the right note. 
Turks & Caicos
You'll love it if: You love the water - scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding - it's all at your doorstep. 
Villa TNC LPM, 1br, Grace Bay
Villa TNC LPM, 1 BR, Grace Bay
Santorini, Greece
It's known as one of the top places to honeymoon - maybe it's because of the sunsets, maybe it's because of the abundance of feta cheese after a strict wedding diet - but we love Santorini for anniversary trips, too. 
St. Barths
One of the great benefits of renting a villa for two in St. Barths is what's known as break down rates. In the low season (April 15), a majority of villas offer 1 bedroom rates for larger houses. This means you can take advantage of extra living space (think a larger kitchen and deck) while taking advantage of better rates. Be sure to ask your Villa Specialist for more information on how this works. 
Trips in Cinema
The magic of movies can transport us to a different place for two hours - so much so we feel compelled to visit. Lucky for us, we can help make that possible. Here are some favorites for romantic trips. 
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Hotel vs Villa
On trips for two, a hotel is the obvious choice. Unless you travel for work, a hotel robe and room service is generally synonmous with relaxation. We break down some common questions about villa life and make the case for who it can be great for.