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Villa Specialists Ben, Kate and Charlotte visited Turks & Caicos this past summer to scope out new villas and the best amenities for you! Take a look at where they stayed, and their takeaways on this island.
Where We Stayed
Throughout the year, our Villa Specialists regularly travel to our destinations so they can answer the most specific of questions you might have. Not only do they visit villas, but they stay in them as well. Here is where Villa Specialists Ben, Kate and Charlotte stayed on their summer trip.
Villa TC BEO4, Beach Enclave, Babalua Beach
Villa BEO4, 4BR, Babalua Beach
"I absolutely loved Beach Enclave. The style, decor, and amenities were in line with my expectations of the property, but the general friendliness of the staff is what put things over the top for me. Our butler Nuwan was polite, courteous and had a great sense of humor." - Ben W., Villa Specialist

Villa PL SEN, 8br, Grace Bay
Villa PL SEN, 8BR, Grace Bay
"Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by the staff with a refreshing beverage and cold towel. From the front door, you walk into a bright living room that looks out to the pool terrace and Grace Bay Beach. From the bedding arrangements to the fitness and massage rooms, the villa is geared towards entertaining a large family or group of friends."
- Charlotte A., Villa Specialist
Check out Ben's Video of Villa Sentosa:
Villa Sentosa video
Villa Visits
During villa visits, our Specialists have one thing in mind: you. Is the villa great for families, better for groups of friends? Where is the nearest grocery store? How much sun does the villa get? These are just a few of the questions our team can answer.
Villa IE BAS, 3br, Chalk Sound
Villa IE BAS, 3BR, Chalk Sound
"This villa was a lovely surprise. It has a chic beach cottage vibe, and all you can hear is the waves lapping on the deck. It's a 5 minute drive to the beach, but you can paddle board and kayak in Chalk Sound from your terrace!" - Kate O., Villa Specialist
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The Best Chef Meals at the Villa
While Turks has an array of dining options, this trip Villa Specialists Ben, Kate and Charlotte soaked up the joys of dining in! Here were some of their favorites:
Beach Enclave Service
Welcome Drink & Apps
"Upon arriving at our first home for the trip, Villa Beach Enclave, we were greeted by our butler, Nuwan, with a cold towel, a refreshing citrus drink, and a cheese and cracker plate. Nuwan was kind, funny and doting, anticipating our needs before we even knew we had them." - Charlotte A.
Beach Enclave Yoga
Breakfast by the Beach
"We loved hiring a chef, so after a bit of yoga and a quick swim, he prepared our choice of omelettes, perfect for fueling up for a day of villa tours! Breakfast here was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip, and for an additional cost we can arrange this for guests." - Kate O.
Beach Enclave Chef
Chef France, Beach Enclave
"Our first night at Villa Beach Enclave we enjoyed a private chef 's dinner. At the time, I wasn't sure if the meal was so good because of our beautiful surroundings, but in retrospect, it really was one of the best meals of the trip. Our chef, France, served us tuna two ways (seared with wasabi and beet emulsion and tuna ceviche), and blackened mahi with mango salsa and basmati rice." - Ben W.
Beach Enclave Chef
Chef Christian, Villa Sentosa
"We were convinced to forgo our reservations at Coyoba to take advantage of the villa's chef, Christian. We sat outside and enjoyed fresh greens, and salmon with a lemon beurre blanc sauce, grilled asparagus, and whipped sweet potatoes. To finish? A well-deserved bowl of bowl of ice cream!" - Charlotte A.
Ben's Guide to Stand Up Paddle
"Our first day, we all woke up early and went to the beach. I borrowed a stand up paddle board and paddled the whole morning, then returned to the villa for omelettes!"
Takeaways from Turks & Caicos
“One of the most awe-inspiring sights is in Turtle Tail. Driving down to this area reminds me a bit of the turn in St. Barths, from Sante Fe restaurant down to Gouverneur beach. You're driving, and all of a sudden, this view opens up to the vibrant turquoise and pale blue that bleeds into navy blue as it hits the horizon. The difference is that in Turtle Tail, the colors are more vibrant–like an electric blue. Even for someone who's lived in the Caribbean for many years, it's a sight to be seen."

“It was my first trip to Turks, and prior to going, I had heard over and over again about the beauty of the beaches. The photos I'd seen looked lovely, but I expected it to be an exaggeration. After arriving, I can honestly admit that the colors of the water and beaches truly took my breath away! This was especially true in the Grace Bay and Turtle Tail areas of the island. It's true that the interior of the island is not much to look at, and there are still traces of the storms from last year (although it was largely spared), but neither of these things took away from the view when you were at water's edge."

“Everyone we encountered on island was so friendly and happy - they are gracious hosts. The island is not a lush island compared to others, but the water - no matter where you are on island - is absolutely intoxicating. I highly recommend clients to enjoy being at their villa as much as possible by letting us arrange a private chef on the first night, as well as a few other nights on the trip. Another tip is to absolutely spend a morning or afternoon on a boat snorkeling (we can arrange it!), having lunch at one of the hotel resorts, and taking a walk down gorgeous Grace Bay Beach."