9 Mykonos Beaches: From Parties to Total Seclusion

On Mykonos, beaches are everywhere, and we’ll help you find the scene that’s perfect for you

mykonos beaches

The Greek island of Mykonos has so much to offer discerning travelers, but if there’s one thing this world-famous treasure is known for, it is undoubtedly the stunning Mykonos beaches. You’ll find golden sand and sparkling turquoise waters everywhere you look, but each beach on Mykonos has its own personality and unique vibe. Whether you are in search of the best beach party in town, or a sandy cove to rest and get away from the hustle and bustle, this gem in the Cyclades has just the beach you’re looking for.

Mykonos Beaches for Every Type of Sun-Worshipper

The Party Beaches

If you are visiting Mykonos, especially in the peak summer season, there’s an excellent chance you’re looking for a 24/7 party. Luckily, there are a few popular beaches that not only offer gorgeous sun and sand, but beautiful people and a raging good time.

  1. Paradise Beach – Possibly the most popular beach on Mykonos, Paradise Beach is always crowded with partying beachgoers. You’ll find loud dance music, random special events, water sports, restaurants, shops, and plenty of umbrellas and sun beds for rent.
  1. Super Paradise Beach – If Paradise is the most popular beach, Super Paradise is likely a close second. Located right next to Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach offers a similar party scene. It’s filled with beach and pool bars, and it’s considered one of the most gay-friendly on the island.
  1. Paraga Beach – The northern half of Paraga is where you’ll find the biggest crowds, but while it’s a great party beach, it’s more subdued than Paradise or Super Paradise. Don’t be surprised when you encounter some bathing-suit-free sun bathers — Paraga was one of the first clothing-optional beaches on the island.

Mykonos Beaches

The Crowd-Free Beaches

Whether you partied a little too hard the night before, or you are simply craving a little peace and quiet, there are a few special Mykonos beaches that are tucked away from the big crowds.

  1. Fokos Beach – Fokos is located on the north side of Mykonos, and it’s only accessible by car or motorbike (down a very bumpy road), or by private boat. The trip is worth the effort, however, because even during peak season, you are almost guaranteed to feel as if you’re on your own exclusive beach. Another secluded beach, Mersini, is right next door.
  1. Ftelia Beach – Ftelia is unique because while it is undeveloped and fairly secluded, it is also quite long and popular with windsurfers. The breeze can be a little disruptive for those looking to lounge, but if you want a beach where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy some windsurfing, Ftelia is ideal.
  1. Houlakia Beach – Houlakia is a prime example of the natural beauty that surrounds Mykonos. One of the only pebble beaches on the island, the right side of Houlakia has large, smooth pebbles you won’t see anywhere else in the world (don’t remove the pebbles from the beach, though — it’s strictly prohibited). The right side of Houlakia is better for lounging, as there is a small sandy area to put down a beach chair.

The Happy Medium Beaches

Some people aren’t looking for huge parties all the time on Mykonos, but they also don’t want to feel totally isolated either. Those visitors to Mykonos looking for that “happy medium,” will enjoy these beaches that offer plenty to do, in addition to space to relax.

  1. Ornos Beach – Located in the southwest corner of the island, Ornos is easily accessible by regular bus service or boat service. There’s ample room to set up rented umbrellas and a great selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, and other types of stores. It’s well-developed, the waters are fairly shallow, and there are various lessons for water sports available.
  1. Elia Beach – Elia has a wide range of activities, taverns, restaurants, shops, and rentals conveniently located for beachgoers. It’s the longest sandy beach on Mykonos, giving everyone enough room to spread out and choose their own adventure. Agrari Beach is right nearby, so you can journey over there mid-day for a change of scenery.
  1. Agios Stefanos Beach – Agios Stefanos is the closest beach to Mykonos Town and you can reach it by bus. Though it can get a little crowded, especially with families, this beach is perfect for swimming and water sports. If you come later in the day, try to stay until sundown to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

Not a Beach Person? Try a Private Pool

Mykonos Beaches

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Leave a comment: If given the choice, do you prefer a private pool or a bustling beach while on vacation?

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