The 10 Best Things to Do in Tortola According to Tourists

Not sure which sights and eats are worth your precious vacation time? Island visitors love these things to do in Tortola.

things to do in tortola

When seeking things to do in Tortola, it’s always fun to look for those hole-in-the-wall joints serving up huge portions of island grub, and hidden, natural treasures that only the locals know about. But there’s something to be said for paying attention to where visitors to the largest of the British Virgin Islands love to congregate. Here are some of the top things to do in Tortola that tourists love.

Things to do in Tortola that never fail to impress or amaze

1. Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler’s Cove has a reputation for being the best beach in Tortola, but you’d never know it because there are rarely more than a handful of people sunbathing at one time. Tourists usually say that it can be challenging to get to (it’s down a long, bumpy dirt road), but the snorkeling is world-class, and it’s the type of beach you’ll relax on from sunset until sundown.

2. Nigel’s Boom Boom Beach Bar and Grill

Visitors love Nigel’s because of the experience that Nigel himself cooks up. It’s totally casual, and he’s been known to let customers hang out inside while he runs into town for ingredients, or even go behind the bar and pour their drinks. The menu can vary, but tourists most often give thumbs up to the shrimp dishes and the strong rum punch.

3. Callwood Rum Distillery

Callwood is one of the Caribbean’s oldest continuously operated rum distilleries, and while there’s not necessarily much to see, there’s plenty to drink. People who stop by say it’s a quick trip because the distillery is quite small, but the best part is their $1 rum tasting. For only a buck, you’ll get to try four different rums and can buy a reasonably priced bottle to bring home.

4. Scaramouche Lounge Bar & Restaurant

This Italian restaurant with a modern, Caribbean twist gets rave reviews from tourists who often go as far as to say it was their best meal on the island. Diners love the owners, Roberto and Chiara; Roberto makes everyone feel like a VIP (and makes a killer cocktail), while Chiara is a joy to watch cook in the open kitchen. It’s not uncommon for Scaramouche to get fully booked, so make a reservation in advance.

5. Aragorn’s Studio

There are plenty of interesting shops, but visiting Aragorn’s Studio is one of the most unique things to do in Tortola. Tourists love the one-of-a-kind paintings, carvings, pottery, and other artistic creations. Aragorn also holds a party every time there’s a full moon, and it’s become a fun island tradition that visitors enjoy participating in.

6. Quito’s Gazebo

Quito’s is nothing if not consistent, and tourists love that they can always count on an entrancing visit. The biggest draw for visitors seems is the live music and ocean views. Ian, the dessert chef, is a big hit with customers who enjoy his sweet treats.

7. Sage Mountain

For those that like more active adventures on vacation, a hike on Sage Mountain is always a favorite. Fans of the hike acknowledge that the drive up can be slightly treacherous, and the entrance can be hard to find, but that’s half the fun. Jim at the visitor’s center will make you feel at ease, answer any questions, and point you in the right direction.

8. Brandywine Estate

Brandywine Estate is popular for both lunch and dinner, and diners love sitting outside in the warm Caribbean breeze. Though the menu is extensive and outstanding, many tourists like to point out how yummy the gourmet pizzas and paella are. Brandywine Estate seems to always get it right, and island visitors love knowing they’ll always have a fantastic dining experience.

9. Aristocat Charters

Tourists love Aristocat Charters’ day sailing itineraries. The crew members, especially Captain Luck and Captain Scott take the time to get to know everyone and provide a memorable excursion. They’re passionate about what they do and keep visitors entertained all day long.

10. The Sugar Mill Restaurant

Just like the name implies, this restaurant is in the Rum House of the old Sugar Mill Estate, and visitors fall in love with the romantic ambiance. The signature dish tourists order time and time again is the lobster thermidor, and the new owners Dennis and Mary take great pride in their imaginative menu.

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