Get Inspired by Provence

As the air turns crisp this autumn, discover the magic of Provence. Set in the French countryside, Provence is a haven for relaxation, culture, and peace. Centrally located to the French Riviera as well as outdoor markets and fine restaurants, guests to Provence can discover fine art, traipse through vineyards, and enjoy the finer things in life.

While in Provence, visit the market in St. Rémy, where vendors offer sensuous lavender soaps, beautiful Provencal colored fabrics, and sumptuous French delicacies, along with much more. Outside St. Rémy, guests to Provence can visit Clinique St Paul, the asylum where Vincent Van Gogh admitted himself before his death. A walk through the gardens might feel eerily familiar, as they were the subject of several Van Gogh paintings. Still inspiring artists, Clinique St Paul, a functioning home for the mentally ill, has a consignment shop where visitors are invited to purchase art painted by the patients. Also while in the French region, plan to visit Avignon, Provence’s center of art and culture. Set within 14th century walls, Avignon’s streets are lined in quaint cafés and inviting French boutiques.

In the fall, the crowds to Provence begin to thin, allowing you to soak in all the art, culture, and history of this beautiful region. With a private villa rental, you can explore the vineyards, cafés, and boutiques during the day and come home to the peace of your own French countryside home.


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