Life is Beautiful at Casa Bella in Cabo

WIMCO Villa Casa Bella, Cabo San Lucas

As the sun rises over Casa Bella, the Sea of Cortez is illuminated in a soft glow, reminding you there’s something special about Mexico.

A bright glow comes up over the horizon. The orange yoke of the sun pours over the dark water, leaving a golden trail shimmering on the still Sea of Cortez. As a new day begins in Cabo San Lucas, you breathe in the fresh morning air. As you relax poolside at Casa Bella, you feel the cool of night wash away and the warm kiss of the sun blanket your skin. It is going to be another glorious day in Cabo.

Casa Bella more than lives up to its name. Located in the exclusive Cabo Colorado community, Villa LSV BEL is a three-story vision of paradise. This five-bedroom luxury vacation home offers both ocean and golf course views. One-of-a-kind art work adorns the walls matched with custom furnishings making Villa LSV BEL a unique and beautiful home.

Spacious and perfectly appointed for entertaining, Villa LSV BEL is ideal for hosting friends and family. Gather on the deck by the infinity pool and enjoy the magnificent view over the sea as the fire pit burns in the background, and a pitcher of margaritas empties into each wide-rimmed glass. Prepare traditional Mexican cuisine in the state-of-the-art kitchen, and dine al fresco before heading out on the town to explore the nightlife at Mexico’s trendiest bars and dance clubs.

Your personal concierge service is on call 24 hours day, ensuring that everything is taken care of so you can spend your days basking in the warmth of the Mexican sun without a worry in the world.

As night casts over Mexico, and the bright glow of the moon sparkles against the navy sky, you think that no day could possibly be better than the one you just had. Then you realize- every day at Casa Bella in Cabo is the new greatest day of your life.


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