Paradise Found: Our Guests Share Their 2023 St. Barts Experience (so far!)

What is it like to vacation in St. Barts with WIMCO? We could tell you ourselves, but we prefer to let our guests do the talking! From indulging in gourmet cuisine to exploring the island’s natural beauty, our guests had the trip of a lifetime, and we can’t wait for you to hear all about it. So, sit back, relax, and let us transport you to paradise through the words of our guests.



Testimonials about Villas Perfect for a Family Reunion


Villa Ela, Special Reserve Collection, 8-Bedrooms, Flamands Beach

“We truly enjoyed our stay in ELA and hope to return next year. The entire staff was wonderful and applaud their response time and thoroughness. We love the restaurants and beach clubs on St Barth and participated with numerous visits to each. They are: Bonito, Isola, Joel Robuchon, Kimi, Nao, Nikki Beach, Black ginger”

– David C., Villa Ela


Villa Fabrizia, 8 Bedrooms, Gustavia

“We really enjoyed our stay at Fabrizia.  Great layout, feels very Caribbean/St. Barth’s, and the location works well. We’re fans of Shell Beach & Shellona, Bonito, Eddy’s, and Gypsea. Thanks for your help arranging the property and we’ll reach out when we’re ready for the next adventure.”

– Jim H., Villa Fabrizia


Villa Jable, 6-Bedrooms, Petite Saline

“The trip was amazing for the guests! WIMCO has left such a great impression on them that I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask to go again!”

– Lynnae B., Villa Jable 


Villa Hemingway, 5-Bedrooms, Grand Cul de Sac


“We had a marvelous time! Ugo, our concierge was terrific and could not have been more responsive to our requests. Both villas were very nice. We are planning on returning to St Barth again next Jan/Feb. Thank you & your team for all your assistance.”

– James N., Villa Hemingway

Villa Avenstar, 5-Bedrooms, Camaruche

“We had the most wonderful time and look forward to revisiting. The villa was amazing!!! Ugo our concierge was most accommodating and friendly. He felt like part of the family. He was awesome!!! We hope to see him again. Our house maid Luciana was great too. Best dinner was at Bonito, Isola and Kinugawa. Best Lunch was at Rosewood, Nikki Beach and Le Toiny. Our boat ride with Boris and Maria were top notch and we already miss them. That was a great day. To summarize… It was better than anything I had expected…Tres bon, Tres Chic, and Tres fantastique!!!!! Thank you for all of the time you and Marta worked with us. It was truly amazing and you did a great job.”

– Louise, Villa Avenstar


Villa My Way, 5-Bedrooms, Colombier


“Just returned yesterday! My family and I loved every minute…. Beautiful house…. Fabulous everything! People associated with Wimco, from booking, to concierge, to all were delightful! Every restaurant fab and fun loved dancing!!!!!! Hope to be back one day soon!!!!!!”

– Joan A., Villa My Way


Villa Case Creole, 5-Bedrooms, St. Jean

“Everything was perfect! Villa as advertised, great concierge (Matthias)”

– Richard B., Villa Case Creole 



Testimonials about Villas Perfect for a Friend’s Getaway

Villa Rose Dog, 4-Bedrooms, Vitet

“We loved our stay…Cam was great and helped us with reservations and taxis. We loved Bonito! That was our favorite meal. Sella was a close second. We will definitely return but we like to try different Villas. It was a great trip! Thanks for your help.”

– Michelle S., Villa Rose Dog


Villa Gypsea, 4-Bedrooms, Gouverneur

“Marco did a great job and the cleaning was super.”

– Ralph R., Villa Gypsea


Villa Olive, 4-Bedrooms, Gouverneur

“We had a great time and our concierge Marco was very helpful. Were are interested in Villa Olive next season during late March.”

– Andrew V., Villa Olive


Villa Pelican, 4-Bedrooms, Anse des Cayes

“Had a great and fabulous time. Enjoyed the villa very much— saw a lot of island- almost every beach. Had some nice little hikes. Your whole crew were terrific!”

– James B., Villa Pelican


Villa Terre Indigo, 4-Bedrooms, St. Jean

“Our stay was wonderful. The Villa was beautiful and the concierges – Pascale and Cam were both fantastic and so helpful. We had Chefs XO at the Villa and they were wonderful – everyone really enjoyed the meal. The massages from Venus Institute were also great. We had dinners at Eddy’s, Bagatelle, Bonito and Eden Rock and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Lunch was Pearl Beach, GypSea and Kiki e Mo – all great as well.”

– Caroline T., Villa Terre Indigo


Villa Mes Amis, 4-Bedrooms, Lurin

“We had a great time in St. Barths (seems redundant). Our favorite restaurants were Bonito, Santa Fe and Sella (atmosphere over food at Sella, but a really fun night) for dinner and Gypsea, Shellona and Toiny for lunch. Drinks were fun at La Plage (GM and Bartenders are amazing there). Favorite beaches – in no particular order were Gouvernor; Saline and Flamands. Toiny is beautiful but tough to swim at the Beach Club there because of all the rocks. Mes Amis is a perfect house. The view, location, staff and set up make it an ideal place for a vacation. Our concierge, Enzo, was amazing. Helped us with restaurants, cars, travel and beaches. We were lucky to have his help. Not sure our trip would have been as special without his help. Can’t wait to return. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.”

– Matthew P., Villa Mes Amis


Villa Only View, 4-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“The trip was wonderful. Can’t say enough about the amazing views. Favorite restaurants..Black Ginger and Sant Fe. Favorite beach…Toiny. Concierge services were great especially Allegra and Lucas. Will definitely contact Allegra when ready for our next trip.”

– David G., Villa Only View


Villa Rincon, 4-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“The physical plan of Rincon was very nice: comfortable rooms, user friendly kitchen and large gas grill. Concierge Cam did great job and we were pleased by his work. This was our 15th visit To St Barths in last 30 years. Props to Marche U and U Express for fresh produce and seafood. Restaurants: Shellona, Tamarin, Sand Bar and Riviera (Hotel Christopher) all good choices and recommended. Black Ginger for takeout good alternative to eating out. Our private chef Paul Loubolais (sp.) did masterful job with our last day of stay dinner and is highly recommended. Au revoir.”

– Ike C., Villa Rincon

Villa Eduina, 4-Bedrooms, Lurin

“As always we had a wonderful stay in St. Bart’s. WIMCO’s concierge, Marine, was excellent and very helpful both in restaurant reservations and working with the property manager.”

– Stuart K., Villa Eduina


Villa Alpaka, 4-Bedrooms, Flamands

“Lucas was great, as usual. We always have an excellent experience with him.”

– Brett V., Villa Alpaka


Villa C’est Ma Vue, 3-Bedrooms, St. Jean

“Ces’t la View is beautiful and very comfortable. We love the outside seating areas that showed off the amazing view and the house had everything we needed. Best of all, the view was truly magnificent and we could see it from every area of the house.”

– Sarah, Villa C’est Ma Vue



Testimonials about Villas for Family Vacations


Villa North Waves, 3-Bedrooms, Flamands Beach

“We had a great time and loved St. Barts! Our favorite restaurant was the Ocean Club for dinner Nicky Beach for lunch. Loved Ugo our host and Sophia our housekeeper.”

– Sandy T., Villa North Waves


Villa Ganesha, 3-Bedrooms, Flamands Beach

“Ganesha is in general wonderful, the location couldn’t be more appealing to an old Flamands hand like me. Cam was a great help in making arrangements, and was very responsive in general. Our favorite finds were Kinugawa, in Gustavia (great sushi in a fun atmosphere), and Zion, in St. Jean (inventive food, delightful jungly ambiance — that chef is going places). Other favs were: Nikki Beach; L’Espirit, Bonito, Sante Fe (for lunch, not for dinner), Black Ginger, Le Sereno (for lunch, not for dinner), La Langouste.”

– Keith M., Villa Ganesha


Villa Ocean Palm, 3-Bedrooms, Gouverneur


“As always we had a great time and everyone from WIMCO was most helpful.”

— Mark M., Villa Ocean Palm


Villa Ecoute Les Vagues, 3-Bedroom, Flamands Beach

“The villa was really great. It was clean, comfortable, and convenient… the three Cs that make for a great stay. Of course the beachfront vibe was tremendous for us. Lastly, our concierge Ugo was amazingly helpful and responsive. Bravo on all counts, Thank you for all your help. Looking forward to being in touch soon regarding either late 2022 or early 2023 ideas.”

– Mala S., Villa Ecoute Les Vagues


Villa Bayugita, 3-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“We already booked our stay for 2024 at Bayugita! As always we had a wonderful, peaceful stay and no construction sounds! New places we tried this time and loved were the Papillon Ievre and Ti Corail.”

– Jeannine C., Villa Bayugita


Villa Panoramique, 3-Bedrooms, Petit Cul de Sac

“Thank you for your assistance. We had a wonderful time in St Barths!we had excellent meals at The Beachhouse, Tamarin, LeToiny, Dolce Vita, Nikki Beach, La Guérite, Yosushimania, The Rooftop and Jo Jo’s!!! Our concierge, Enzo was excellent!!!!”

— Mike H., Villa Panoramique


Villa Rock U, 3-Bedrooms, Lurin

“We loved the house. Every creature comfort we wanted was there! The layout was so perfect, having the master stateroom apart from the guest rooms and separated by the wonderful living area. It was the best. I loved how I could be cooking in the kitchen while gazing out at the pool, the ocean and the horizon. A perfect blend! We had great dinners which made great use of the grill and enjoyed several dining spots!”

— Tom W., Villa Rock U


Villa Taniko, 3-Bedrooms, Colombier

“The villa was great, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time on St Barth. We look forward to returning next year! The concierge service was very good as well.”

– Edward K., Villa Taniko


Villa Coco, 3-Bedrooms, Lorient

“Villa Coco was beyond our expectations! Absolutely beautiful and comfortable. Our housekeeper, Christina, was delightful and very thorough.”

– Karolyn C., Villa Coco


Villa Pyramide, 3-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“The villa was very nice and as you described…very private too which was nice. It was well equipped too. Yes we used concierge and Mathias was very helpful. The couples massage and beach lunch were great too. Favorite restaurants were Bonito and Kinugawa….but all were very good. It was a great week!”

– Mark S., Villa Pyramide


Villa Ylang Ylang, 3-Bedrooms, Flamands

“Our stay was great and your staff was great ! Location very good. Matt , our concierge was great . Loved Bonito dinner & Le Toiny beach club lunch. Thank you again for your help 👍 ”

– Jackie H., Villa Ylang-Ylang 


Villa Cabanes, 3-Bedrooms, Anse des Cayes

“Concierge service was amazing – incredibly responsive and helpful.”

– Sherry F., Villa Cabanes


Villa Veronika, 3-Bedrooms, Camaruche

“Thank you so much for helping with yesterday- it was a dream come true. Everything from the boat to flowers”

– Anthony C., Villa Veronika

Villa St Jean Lataniers, 3-Bedrooms, St. Jean

“We did enjoy the location where the villa is located, close to everything we need. Beaches on the island are one of the best we visited. Enzo from the Wimco concierge team was helpful.”

– George U., Villa St. Jean Lataniers



Testimonials about Villas Perfect for Double Dates


Villa Lumiere, 2-Bedrooms, Flamands

“We and our co-guests had a very nice time on the island. The accommodations were perfect for two couples, and the cleaning service was excellent. There are many nice restaurants, and I especially like Langouste. As for beaches, Flamands is nice, especially at the far end. All in all, we had an enjoyable time.”

– Brian C., Villa Lumiere


Villa Costa Nova, 2-Bedrooms, Gouverneur

“It had great sunsets and was comfortable. Just right for the two of us. Lucas was very professional and helpful and Amedee, the maid was a lovely your lady.”

– Richard M., Villa Costa Nova


Villa Sea Breeze, 2-Bedrooms, Lorient

“We did have a wonderful stay. The house was really lovely and comfortable and the outdoor space was dreamy with the view of the sea and the palm trees. We really had a marvelous time there. Your team in St. Barths was very helpful and we really had a wonderful time.”

– Jerry M., Villa Sea Breeze


Villa La Roche a Fleuri, 2-Bedrooms, Corossol

” We enjoyed La Roche A Fleuri, great location. Ugo was very nice; I gave him our info for next year and he said he passed it on.”

– Caiti S., Villa La Roche a Fleuri


Villa Flamand Escape, 2-Bedrooms, Flamands

“The house and also the concierge service … it was so helpful to have the reservations. Each table was 1st rate.”

– Clark W., Villa Flamand Escape


Villa Shell Beach, 2-Bedrooms, Gustavia

“The villa was perfect- clean, well appointed, great location. The housekeeper was efficient and communicated well with us! Lucas was amazing- he was always available and was making sure everyone was taken care of…. Can not say enough about him- wimco is lucky he works for them!😊”

– Liz C., Villa Shell Beach


Villa King Gustaf, 2-Bedrooms, Gustavia


“Great trip…Emily and our guide in St Barts were extremely helpful. Shellona and Nikki beach lunches were awesome. L’Espirt and Tamarin were our best dinners !”

– David T., Villa King Gustaf


Villa Marie, 2-Bedrooms, Camaruche

“The villa was wonderful! The owner takes great pride in her property and it shows. The attention to detail and upkeep was the finest I’ve seen in 25 years of staying with WIMCO. Yes, it was our 25th time. Please let the owner know that it did not go unnoticed (same with her lovely artwork), and we treated her house with the upmost respect and care. Claudia the housekeeper is a real treasure, and I’ve never seen someone so intent on keeping a house clean and organized. Truly the best! We had a wonderful time and your local team has never been better and more helpful than they are now, so well done on your part.”

– Steve E., Villa Marie


Villa Birdy, 2-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“Wonderful stay at Birdy, again! We really like the expansion off of the kitchen. Matthias was very responsive and took care of all our requests.”

– David D., Villa Birdy


Villa Nocean, 2-Bedrooms, Mont Jean

“Enzo met us and guided us to the house. Great house! As I have told you we have been going to SBH for 43 years. Loved the house! Loved the pool especially!”

– Dee B., Villa Nocean


Villa Samasara, 2-Bedroom, Pointe Milou

“Our trip was lovely, altogether. The Villa was well equipped, attractive and the housekeeper, Anicka. Could not have been more charming. Enzo was also super and was on top of all reservations, pick up and delivery of us to and from airport. The new restaurant where Maya’s was, Sella, was the best new one we tried. Our traditional faves we’re still great, especially Le Tamerin and Santa Fe are still faves.”

– Jonathan C., Villa Samsara




Villa Open Space, 2-Bedrooms, Petit Cul de Sac

“We loved the villa! We did make use of your concierge services. both Emily and Marine were very helpful. we went to St Jean a lot and also Gustavia, Shell Beach and Flamands. I guess St Jean is our favorite. We enjoyed an afternoon at Gypsea, Eddy’s was good and reasonable.”

– Joe R., Villa Open Space


Villa Alizee de Eden, 2-Bedrooms, Pointe Milou

“Alize was terrific again. We had great experiences at Sand Bar, Ti Corail, La Langouste, Tamarin, Santa Fe and Bonito. Enzo was a great concierge. So was 5 Star VIP with Winair.”

– Elizabeth CH., Villa Alizee d’Eden 


Villa Lorient Sunset, 2-Bedrooms, Lorient


“We loved our Villa 😊 Marco was great with reservations to eat and beach.”

– Barbara B., Villa Lorient Sunset 

Villa Villion, 2-Bedrooms, Petite Saline


“We had a wonderful time at Villion. We throughly enjoyed the villa, it was perfect for my mom & I! Our concierge, Ugo, was absolutely fantastic! He did an excellent job with all of the restaurant & driver bookings. We are definitely planning to make another trip to the island and stay 2-3 weeks in a villa next time.”

– Zane O., Villa Villion 


Villa Telemaque, 2-Bedrooms, Vitet

“We have enjoyed the villa a lot and the concierge service was excellent. Cam, our concierge. met us at the airport and was on top of things from the start. We had trouble with our internet but Cam came to the rescue and solved quickly. We enjoyed our time here and Wimco has done a wonderful job in accommodating us. Thank you for everything and we are likely looking forward to return once again.”

– Craig C., Villa Telemaque

Villa Aquamarine, 2-Bedrooms, St. Jean

“We had a great stay. Ugo was very attentive and had lots of info and suggestions. We really liked saline beach the best. It has a beautiful view and was a very nice place to stay. Thank you!”

– Heather S., Villa Aquamarine

Villa Case et Cuisine, 2-Bedrooms, Marigot

“The villa was better than expected. Overall it was perfect for our young family as my 5 year old loved the loft and slept up there. The pool was a great size and everything worked perfectly.”

– Joseph V., Villa Case et Cuisine



Testimonials from Villas set for a Romantic Retreat


Villa Nerina, 1-Bedroom, Lorient

“We had a super active holiday snorkling, fishing and playing tennis. We really enjoyed our long lunches both a le Toiny and La Cabane at Cheval Blanc (we went back a few times – truly the best food on the Island I think) We enjoyed our stay at Nerina. I was a perfect size for us as we were not entertaining on this trip and spent so much time out during the day. We did cook a few nights and enjoyed the bbq and the well appointed kitchen. The pool was fabulous as well as the view. Mattias was very helpful concierge during our stay booking our fishing trip and arranging for some evening transports.”

– Heidi N., Villa Nerina


Villa Blue Diamond, 1-Bedroom, Vitet

“We had a lovely time and would definitely stay at Blue Diamond again. I have given everything a 5* review. Joelle and Steve were very good and respectful of our privacy. Enzo was very helpful too.”

– Jayne S., Villa Blue Diamond


Villa O Calm, 1-Bedroom, Lurin

“The villa was very nice and Cam, the concierge, was great. Thank you for finding it for me. It fit perfectly into my schedule.”

– TK D., Villa O Calm


Villa Little Caramba, 2-Bedroom, Pointe Milou

“We had a wonderful time! First time to eat at Bonito and Tamarin, loved both of them! Cam, our concierge, was very helpful with reservations. I will be back in touch to book something for next February. As always, thank you so much for your help!”

– Jody P., Villa Little Caramba



Villa Apartment Biba, 2-Bedroom, Gustavia

“Our stay was great as always. You and your team always make it a pleasurable stay. We will be making a trip back next year”

– Chad S.,  Villa Apartment Biba



Villa Silhouette, 1-Bedroom, Anse des Cayes



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