Ride the Waves at these Spectacular Surf Spots


Warm, turquoise water makes the surf very inviting.

Warm, turquoise water makes the surf very inviting.

Paddling out toward the horizon, your anticipation rises with the momentum of your board as you see the curl of a wave. You push yourself towards it. As you pop to your feet, you feel the water propel you. Riding the wave toward the shoreline, the world falls away; it’s just you, your board, and the ocean.



With world-class surf, unpredictable waves, and huge swells, Hawaii is a surfer’s dream come true. The best time to catch the waves is October through March, when the swells are high and the waves are top-notch. Even if you aren’t riding the surf, be sure to check out Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, a great spot for spectators to watch avid surfers catch big waves.SALINE 3

Have you been talking about getting together for the ultimate surf vacation? WIMCO’s Oahu villas have the space and location to make them the ideal retreat after a day of hitting the waves. Villa HHO SUM is perfect for those looking for amazing surf right in their own backyard. Located on the world-famous surf spot Velzyland, you can take to the waves whenever you want. After a day in Oahu, you will know why this island is considered a surfer’s paradise.



While Hawaii’s surf season hits in the winter, Nantucket’s is late summer into fall. One of New England’s premier surf spots, Nantucket’s South Shore offers big waves after off-shore storms. The summer season is the perfect time for beginners to hone their skills. With beach breaks rather than reef breaks, there are fewer hazards beneath the surface, ideal for young surfers and novices alike. Amazing beaches and surf schools, such as Nantucket Surfari and Nantucket Island Surf School, make the island a great spot for both accomplished surfers and amateurs.

A New England surf vacation may be just the family vacation you are looking for. WIMCO’s South Shore villas are ideal for those looking for easy access to beaches with lots of surf. Villa NAN MAD4, located just 30 yards from Madequecham Beach, is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day hitting the surf.


Grab your board and enjoy the world-class waves at Barbados’ Bathsheba Beach, featuring the Soup Bowl, the island’s largest waves. Home to both local and international surfing competitions, Bathsheba Beach is located on the island’s rugged east coast. Throughout the island, surfers will find plenty of opportunities to pull out their boards. With smaller waves for beginner and intermediate surfers and big waves for advanced surfers, Barbados’ various surf spots offer something for everyone.

WIMCO’s Barbados villas are located on the island’s west coast where the water is calm and suitable for swimming. After a day of surfing on the east and south coasts, come home to a fully-staffed villa complete with chef; then head out to explore the island’s lively nightlife in Holetown. Located just 5 minutes from Holetown, Villa BS TOM is perfect for entertaining with amazing views and a reception room that overlooks the infinity pool. Spectacular surf, amazing amenities, and superb staff, Barbados has everything you could want on your Caribbean surf adventure.

With villas located near some of the world’s best surf spots, WIMCO’s destination specialists are sure find you the perfect villa during your next surfing excursions. Find out more at WIMCO.


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