Sicily: From the Golden Coasts to the Green Hillsides


Discover the various cultures, customs, food, and architecture that make Sicily uniquely wonderful.

With golden, glistening beaches on the coastal fronts; green rolling hills, lush forests, and mountain peaks on the interior; and snow-topped Mount Etna commanding over the island, the diversity of the terrain is matched by the diversity of Sicily’s villages, architecture, and people. Sicily’s Mediterranean location affords it comfortable weather throughout the year, making it a wonderful getaway location year round. While in the midst of winter it might be a little too cool for the beaches, there is plenty to explore on the Mediterranean’s largest island. With a blend of traditions originating from Europe, Asia, and Africa, Sicily’s unique mix of cultures can be seen in its architecture, cuisine, and people. With Roman amphitheatres and cathedrals, Greek temples, and Baroque palaces and churches, the architecture across the island leaves visitors marveling at the beautiful intricacies of these ancient buildings. Visit the Doric Temple in Segesta and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento for a glimpse of ancient history still standing intact. Let’s not forget the fantastic Sicilian cuisine. Many Sicilian dishes feature the fruits of the sea fresh from the Mediterranean. Fried calamari, fennel-stuffed grouper, linguini with sea urchin, smoked fish, risotto with fresh asparagus, ricotta-filled mezze lune, and fresh baked Sicilian pizzas are all sure to arouse your taste buds. From fine restaurants to street-side cafes to family-run trattorias, there is no such thing as a bad meal in Italy. Discover the enchanting island of Sicily yourself.

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