St Barths is Paradise Island

St. Barths is Paradise Island by Nicole Pinheiro

Blogger Nicole Pinheiro shares her experience in St. Barths. 

Friends are always telling me “you have to go to…” some new place or great beach or fantastic city. One day I received a video from Connections Destinations and F*Hits about the island of St Barths  – after watching it I was dying to go to this paradise island!  I showed  the video to friends at  The Fashion Hall and soon we were planning a trip, to make our own video, and our own memories. There is no place more beautiful that St Barths for those who want to enjoy beaches with crystal clear water, contemplate landscapes, eat well and shop! The video below takes you through our arrival in St. Barths, the drive up to the super Villa Fabrizia with our WIMCO concierge, and on to the delightful beaches and restaurants we went to! #enjoyit

Hi everyone! Finally, I can share photos and memories from my travel to St Barths. (For those who do not follow on social networks, my cell phone broke in Miami, the iCloud backup did not work and I just lost EVERYTHING! Photos, notes, emails, contacts…) I collected pictures from friends and some photographers, and now I have material for posts here! Sorry for the delay, but there are so many good tips, looks, special moments…I do not want to stop sharing them with you! As I told you in the previous post, I went to St. Barths after Miami Swim Week with dear friends to relax and enjoy this island paradise at the invitation of F*Hits (such a delight to be part of this team!) and Connections Destinations. I had been to St. Barths for just a day a few years ago, but this time I spent a week and I fell in love with it even more.

Get ready to be enchanted with this island that is an incredible destination and you totally must go! It’s the most charming and exclusive Caribbean island. With French colonization and all the charm that only they have! Crystal clear water, natural landscapes to drool over, beautiful villas, wonderful hotels, polite and welcoming people, and good restaurants are some of the features that made me come back completely charmed. 😉

Flying in

Jordana, the captain of Connections Destinations, has lived on the island for over 5 years and knows absolutely everything about it. From where to stay, best rides, restaurants and even insider tips that only she has! If you plan to go there, you cannot stop accessing the Connection.

St. Barths is one of those places where you need a car, and there’s nothing more charming than riding around Mini Cooper Island, right?! And when we disembarked, there were 4 Mini Coopers (one for each!!!) waiting for us!

Mini Coopers waiting for us




Besides being charming, the Mini is the ideal car to drive there because it is small and fits everywhere. Easy to park!


This stunning view is from WIMCO’s  Villa Fabrizia, where we stayed. In addition to St. Barths having wonderful hotels, you also have the option of renting villas with hotel service! I can tell you! I loved it! I loved the privacy (and freedom!) to have “our” place and to enjoy the city as if it were another place. I am completely in love with the villa we stayed in. The house had 8 very comfortable suites with towels and linens of the best quality, a kitchen with everything you need, a living room and TV, Jacuzzi, pool and a breathtaking view from ALL the rooms of the house.



Villa Fabrizia is one of the many villas that are part of WIMCO Villas, a company specializing in renting incredible homes in St. Barths and in various other places like St. Tropez, Tuscany, Mykonos and Capri. All the homes have 5-star hotel and Concierge services at your disposal 24 hours a day for any need you may have! WIMCO’s services were so impeccable that the butler greeted us at the airport and was available until the end of the day, taking us back to the airport with assistance until boarding! When we arrived at Villa Fabrizia, the butler had already taken care of everything and bought cheese, wine, dinner and everything we would need for the following days. Is that not too much?!


The suites are beautiful, warm, and spacious, and with a view worth drooling over!






Every morning, the butler would bring our breakfast as we liked it. Croissants, warm baguettes, fruit salad, and freshly made juice, all yummy!


Is this not a dream house?! Take a look at WIMCO services. It definitely made our stay even more special! We took the tips from WIMCO in the Connection Destinations and could not stop thanking them. Thank you so much, Jordana! You rock!!!




We could not have chosen a more charming place to stay. I’m crazy to go back! Incidentally, I loved it so much that we are thinking of going on New Year’s Eve with the whole family to stay there. I cannot wait to return to this magical island!

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