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St Barts Covid-19 PCR Testing Center in Gustavia

The island of St. Barthelemy requires proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test for all arrivals:

  • Travelers are required to present a copy of a negative COVID-19 PCR test in order to gain entry to St Barts
  • The July 10 government press release required that the test be taken no more than 72 hours prior to their arrival
  • Children under 10 years old are not required to be tested
  • Please use the search tools below to find a Covid-19 PCR test center near you

US Government Link to Test Center finderHealth & Human Services test center search tool

Important travel note – if you are traveling to St Barts through St Martin, you will also need to fill out and submit a travel entry request form for St Martin. Details can be found here:

What to Expect Upon Arrival

  • Villa rental agencies ask that the traveler emails their test results to the agency before leaving home
  • Upon arrival in St Barts, travelers will be required to present that negative test result at the passport control/immigration desk.
  • Visitors with proof of a recent negative COVID 19 PCR test may continue on to their villa and then move about the island freely, without restriction, while practicing responsible social distancing.
  • Visitors who are planning to stay on island for more than 7 nights will be asked to be rested on island on the 7th day to insure they are still not carrying the virus.

What if I wasn’t able to get tested before, or if my test is more than 72 hours old?

Those travelers without proof of a recent negative test result from a COVID 19 PCR test will not be allowed entry into either Puerto Rico or St Martin, and will not be allowed to board their inter-island flight to St Barts.

Staying for a while in St Barts? Then you are required to get re-tested on day 7

Visitors who will be staying on the island more than 7 days are required to be retested  on island, and then are required to self-quarantine in their villas or hotel rooms until they get the negative test result which confirms that they are not carrying the virus.

There is a government operated testing center in Gustavia, on Rue Pithea, near the Collectivite de St Barths building.  Ask your villa rental agency or hotel reservations desk to make an appointment for you so you so not have to wait in line to be tested.  Or, you can call Lab 0590-29-75-02

The results will be sent to them via email or text – based on the info they give the testing center. Once they get confirmation of a negative test result,  they are free to move about the island without restriction.

What if I test positive for the coronavirus while on St Barts?

If at any time during their stay a visitor tests positive for Covid-19, they will be asked to self-quarantine in their villa, or hotel room, for 14 nights or until they test negative again. If the villa where a visitor is self-quarantining in has another booking for the following week, villa rental agencies are asked not to move the client with Covid-19. Instead, incoming client with the next booking should be moved to a different villa.

Clients who test positive are not allowed to leave the island via boat or plane until they test negative.

What if I become seriously ill while on St Barts?

If a visitor becomes so ill because of Covid-19 that they require regular medical attention, they will be moved to the quarantine center by St. Jean stadium, where health professionals will provide regular care and will actively monitor their condition. In a worst case scenario where the condition of a visitor becomes life threatening, it is likely that the visitor would be flown to a hospital with a Covid-19 ward, in either Guadeloupe, Martinique or St Martin

This plan will be reviewed regularly, and may be revised as conditions warrant. Read more about traveling to St Barts during these interesting times.


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