Testimonial Tuesday: A Wonderful Stay at Villa MAS PRE



L.S. had the privilege of staying at the stunning Villa MAS PRE in St. John. This deluxe luxury villa is one of St John’s finest properties, with six beautiful bedrooms, each featuring sea views. Attention to every detail has been put into this exquisite villa, and L.S. and her party could not have asked for a more relaxing Caribbean vacation.virginislands

“We had a wonderful time in St. John! Villa MAS PRE is magnificent; everyone enjoyed it. They all loved their rooms and loved the common rooms. The pool was of course a big hit with the kids and the beach was a big hit too. We had a wonderful chef a couple of nights.Virgin Gorda

The best part for me was how relaxing it was. I got to read some books I have been wanting to read and even got to sleep late which I never seem to be able to do at home. The concierge had taken care of so many of the details; water taxi, private taxi, chef, baby bed, etc. that it was easy to get to the island and easy to return to the airplane.

Thank you for all you did to make this such a special vacation for all of us!” -L.S.


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