The Trip of Wine and Roses: Tuscany

Dine al fresco in Lucca at a street side cafe, and enjoy delicious food and fabulous people watching.

Dine al fresco in Lucca at a street side cafe, and enjoy delicious food and fabulous people watching.

There is something about Tuscany that just makes visitors fall in love. Maybe it’s the charming terra-cotta homes, the warm smell of garlic and fresh baked bread that wafts through the open doors of each trattoria, the beautiful hillsides and inviting beaches, or old-world vineyards and their robust wines. Glenn’s trip to Tuscany included all of these things and so much more as she traveled through one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.

“‘What is so rare as a day in June?’…Well to be exact, twelve picture perfect days in May in Tuscany and Umbria where the cobalt blue skies with white fluffy clouds dancing about and temperatures in the mid-70s awaited each morning. With weather such as this, life is good and the Italians prove this on a daily basis.

Our days were filled with early morning drives along winding roads through vineyards and olive groves that were resplendent with new leaves and the brilliant yellow of ginestre giving off a perfume that filled our nostrils. Scenery as one can only imagine became the norm and yet time and time again we found ourselves “rendered speechless” by the beauty and splendor of the countryside. Small towns offered up lunches where no menu exists and the excitement of the surprise that would end up on our table (where the only pre-requisite was that it must be out of doors) never failed to amaze us.

Days seemed to go on forever and the sun set ever so slowly, gently allowing us to experience the ever-changing light of this part of the world over a glass of wine. Nights revolved around heading to a local restaurant to experience superb authentic food and more often than not, a late night conversation with the chef/owner.

We had the opportunity to spend three nights in Lucca while we explored the hillsides surrounding this beautiful town. What a delightful experience it was. Not only is this area perfect for the WIMCO client but so are the delightful houses which come in every price range. September would be the perfect time to be in the Lucca area which hosts a large celebration during this month.”

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