WIMCO Reveals Top Three Reasons to Vacation in a Villa in Italy this Summer

Languorous days, undiscovered beaches, ancient sights and gourmet eats—some of the many reasons why Italy remains a favorite summer vacation destination. For whichever reasons your are drawn to the chic ‘boot’ of Europe, leading villa vacation specialist WIMCO Villas reveals the top three reasons to vacation in a villa in Italy this summer:

  • The price: For people coming from North America, a vacation in Italy (and in the entire Euro zone) will cost less than it did last year due to the strength of the US dollar against the value of the Euro. (On May 1st, 2014, the Dollar bought 0.72 Euros, whereas on April 29, 2015, the Dollar buys 0.90 Euros, a 25% increase in purchasing power). On top of that, for most groups of 3 or more, renting a villa for a week is usually less expensive than renting a collection of hotel rooms.
  • A home base away from home: Looking to visit cultural landmarks, explore historic villages, seek out highlyb regarded eateries secreted away in the countryside? Renting a villa for a week or more provides you with a base form which to plan numerous day trips, whether it be to wineries in Chianti, or Churches in Assisi.
  • Making memories: gathering a family or a group of friends in a spacious vacation home in the countryside provides an ideal setting for creating lasting memories – hanging out reading by your private pool, having long lazy lunches in the shade on your terrace, inviting a private chef from the nearby village to come to the villa one night to prepare a special meals for all of you…these life events are more easily and naturally staged at a villa than if you were staying in a hotel.

 When you rent a villa in Italy, it allows this natural immersion in the local pace of things in a way that just doesn’t happen when you stay in a hotel or a resort.


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