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Virgin Gorda, or the "Fat Virgin" as named by Christopher Columbus, is what tropical vacation dreams are made of. Perhaps it's the clear turquoise water, the pristine beaches, the soaring peaks or the ideal weather. 

Or maybe it's the incredibly friendly people or the fact that the island doesn't have a single stoplight. The truth is, trying to pinpoint "it" is futile because Virgin Gorda has it all. One of the most incredible things about Virgin Gorda is that it's managed to retain its old-school Caribbean charm. 

You'll find spectacular beach houses and luxury villa  rentals on Virgin Gorda, and the island is less commercially developed than its neighbors. This results in quieter beaches and more privacy, lending an idyllic, authentic island vacation experience.


Featured Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG SAN, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Mahoe Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Mahoe Bay Villas

Sand Castle (VG SAN)

$1131 - $2860/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG COM, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Mahoe Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Mahoe Bay Villas

Beachcomber (VG COM)

$1166 - $3069/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals MAV SOL, Virgin Gorda, Beachside the Baths Vacation home rentals, Beachside the Baths Villas

Sol y Sombra (MAV SOL)

$3000 - $4950/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals BKP BKP, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Nail Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Nail Bay Villas

Baraka Point (BKP BKP)

$3786 - $5929/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals MAV SYM, Virgin Gorda, Near Spanish Town Vacation home rentals, Near Spanish Town Villas

Symbio (MAV SYM)

$550 - $1350/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals MAV OTR, Virgin Gorda, Walk/The Baths Vacation home rentals, Walk/The Baths Villas

On The Rocks (MAV OTR)

$929 - $2071/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG BEA, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Mahoe Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Mahoe Bay Villas

On The Beach (VG BEA)

Price on Request

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG SER, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Leverick Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Leverick Bay Villas

Serendipity (VG SER)

Price on Request

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG LOB, Virgin Gorda, Walk/Mahoe Bay Vacation home rentals, Walk/Mahoe Bay Villas

Loblolly (VG LOB)

Price on Request

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VIJ ISP, Virgin Gorda, Hillside/Nail Bay Vacation home rentals, Hillside/Nail Bay Villas

Island Spice (VIJ ISP)

Price on Request

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Virgin Gorda Luxury Vacation Rentals and Villas

Because Virgin Gorda has largely limited commercial development, beach villas on the island feel more private and exclusive. There are no high rise buildings or sprawling resorts with throngs of tourists. Instead, you'll find romantic, secluded private vacation rentals perched high above the ocean and sprawling luxury beach villas. Whether you're planning a couple's getaway or a large family vacation, you'll find a perfectly-suited villa for rent in Virgin Gorda.

Beach Houses and Beachfront Villas on Virgin Gorda

No matter what sort of getaway you have your heart set on, the perfect Virgin Gorda luxury villa awaits. Although the island is small, there are three distinct areas where accommodations are centered.

If you're looking to get away from it all and spend your time on a remote beach, you'll love a private villa near Mahoe Bay. Its unspoiled beaches and reefs are known as some of the best in all of the BVI.

For those who desire more adventure, a north end stay near Leverick Bay will suit you perfectly. The area is known for water-sports and there are many smaller islands to explore nearby, plus lively restaurants.

On Virgin Gorda's southern end, you'll find villas in close proximity to several uncrowded beaches and world-class dining options. Spanish Town, the island's largest hub, is located here, as well as The Baths national park, one of the most famed attractions in the BVI.

Virgin Gorda Vacation Ideas

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Virgin Gorda 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts and five star hotels in Virgin Gorda are authentically Caribbean. You'll find colorful beachfront bungalow-style guest rooms that are both charming and luxurious. Naturally, everything revolves around the beaches and ocean, so you'll enjoy wraparound porches with expansive views and locations so close to the water it will seem as if you have a private beach.

On Virgin Gorda itself, Rosewood Little Dix Bay is an eco-friendly luxury resort that offers unmatched seclusion. Near the famed North Sound, you'll find the Bitter End Yacht Club with its spectacular private bungalows. There are several private island resorts within easy reach of the dock at Leverick Bay. Check out the renowned Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard Branson, wellness-focused Oil Nut Bay, or rustic Guana Island hotel.


Renting Luxury Villas or Luxury Resorts - Which One Is Right for You?

To help you decide between vacationing at a luxury resort versus renting a private beach villa, consider your travelling party and their individual preferences. If everyone would like to be together under one roof and you desire a more custom-tailored experience, a luxury villa is the way to go. On the other hand, if people want to explore on their own and have individual space and privacy, a luxury hotel may be more appropriate.

Private beachfront villas on Virgin Gorda put you so close to the water's edge that you truly feel like you have a personal stretch of beach created just for you. Another benefit of renting a luxury villa is that you have dedicated concierge service available 24/7. Would you love to have a private chef for your stay or be treated to beachfront massages from your very own deck? If so, you will be exceptionally pleased with a Virgin Gorda house rental.


Featured Virgin Gorda Hotels and Resorts

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Where is Virgin Gorda and Why Visit?

Virgin Gorda is the easternmost island in the BVI, situated where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The British Virgin Islands lie northeast of the USVI, with Puerto Rico to the west and Anguilla on the east. Because of Virgin Gorda's unique positioning, tradewinds help keep the waters relatively calm and regulate the temperature most of the year.

The British Virgin Islands' third-largest island is just over eight square miles and boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It has a rich history to match, with historically-significant bays and geological wonders. Virgin Gorda is a volcanic island with a bit of everything, mountainous and lush in areas, and flat and desert-like in others. The sailing  and snorkeling here is also some of the best in the world, so it's no wonder that Travel + Leisure has named the island the most beautiful on Earth — more than once.

The island is an ideal destination for anyone seeking a slower-paced and more private vacation, incredible beaches, and world-class water activities, including sailing and scuba diving. Virgin Gorda's size and location also allow for easily visiting several other islands.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Virgin Gorda?

Virgin Gorda's weather varies very little throughout the year, making it an excellent island to visit all year-round. While it is humid most of the time, temperatures are typically mild and comfortable, ranging from the mid-70s to the upper-80s.

Being a tropical island, there is almost always a chance of rain in Virgin Gorda, but showers are often brief. Tropical storms are most likely to sweep past the island in the fall.

How to get to Virgin Gorda?

There are no direct flights from the United States to Virgin Gorda. Instead, visitors fly through one of the BVI's "connection hubs," most commonly San Juan, Puerto Rico, nearby Beef Island airport on Tortola or St. Thomas. From there, you will take a ferry or an inter-island flight to Virgin Gorda. All visitors to the British Virgin Islands are required to have a passport.

What are the top five things to do in Virgin Gorda?

Beaches: The beaches on Virgin Gorda are unlike anywhere else in the world. They're largely undeveloped, with few to any houses on their shores, allowing for nature and marine life to thrive. Spring Bay offers a remote location with amazingly clear waters, Devil's Bay is renowned for having incredible snorkeling right near The Baths, and Savannah Bay seems as if it came straight off of a postcard, with sea turtles and brilliant fish swimming in the shallow waters just offshore.

The Baths: Easily the most well-known attraction on Virgin Gorda — and perhaps all of the BVI, The Baths are a geological wonder. Massive granite boulders are gathered on the shore, creating numerous grottoes, coves, and pools. Visitors can climb over or swim through them, and snorkeling here is excellent. Devil's Bay Beach sits on one side of The Baths, perfect for relaxing after your explorations.

Snorkeling & Scuba diving: The crystal-clear waters and expansive reef formations along Virgin Gorda's shores make for some of the best underwater activities anywhere. Due to the BVI's shallow waters, there are also hundreds of shipwrecks to explore.

There's even an area off of nearby Cooper Island called "Wreck Alley." Divers of all experience levels will have plenty of interesting sites to explore, and there are also snorkeling trails for those who prefer that over Scuba.

Gorda Peak National Park: Aside from beaches, Virgin Gorda also has a rather impressive national park. At its center is Gorda Peak, the highest point on the island at 1,370 feet above sea level. It features an extensive network of hiking trails and sweeping views across the island. 

On particularly clear days, you can even see neighboring Anegada. The national park is also home to rare wildlife, including one of the smallest lizards in the world, the Virgin Gorda gecko.

Restaurants: Although Virgin Gorda is less developed than some other islands in the BVI, it has some fantastic restaurants. From casual beach bars to luxury 5-star establishments, there is something for every taste on the island. 

Try Hog Heaven, situated among the cliffs and serving up unbeatable views and casual BBQ far. Coco Maya in Spanish Town is an elegant Asian Fusion restaurant with famous ivy-covered walls and a swing seat at the bar, The restaurants at Leverick Bay offer views of the picturesque harbor, while Top of the Baths offers some of the best views on all of Virgin Gorda.

What services does WIMCO Villas provide to our clients vacationing in Virgin Gorda?

Are you looking for a carefree, luxurious tropical vacation where you won't have to concern yourself with a single detail? Look no further than WIMCO Villas. We have been in the full-service luxury travel industry for over 35 years and we firmly believe that it's all about the details. A Virgin Gorda private beach villa booked with WIMCO Villas will offer you an unparalleled, unforgettable experience.

In addition to helping you select the perfect luxury accommodations, WIMCO Villas will handle booking all of your travel logistics. Regardless of which villa you choose, you'll also receive WIMCO Villas' complimentary signature concierge service, available 24/7. If you'd like your villa's kitchen stocked with fresh groceries ahead of your arrival or want a freshly-prepared meal waiting for you, all you have to do is ask. Would you like a decked-out Hobie cat for your trip, or enjoy massages each morning by your pool? It's just a call away.

The professional team at WIMCO Villas is on call 24/7 to assist with every aspect of booking your perfect Virgin Gorda getaway. Contact us today to start planning your dream vacation.

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