Important Travel Info for Grand Cayman


Daytime Wear

Yearly temperatures vary little from approximately 75 - 90 degrees F. Pack light cool wear. The humidity changes from approx. 60% in the winter to 85% in summer. A wet suit is advised if diving regularly. Dive and snorkel gear can be rented at any of the water sport outlets.

Evening Wear

A few restaurants in winter ask for a jacket and tie for men. Ladies may like to bring a short dress or pants for the more formal evening. A light sweater for winter evenings is also a good idea. The rainy season is from September to November; pack an umbrella for those months.

Electrical Equipment

Voltage is 110. U.S. electrical outlets will be the same. You will need an adapter for U.S. voltage if traveling from elsewhere.


Phones are barred for overseas calls. Local calls are free of charge (except monthly rental). To make an overseas call to the U.S. dial (AT&T) 1-800-872-2881 and make your call collect or bill to your credit card. For elsewhere, call the operator (100). Check your confirmation form for the phone number of your villa. Faxes can be made at Cable & Wireless Telephone in George Town, or at Cayman Villas Office (for a nominal fee). You can also receive faxes through our office for 50cents per page.


Cayman has its own currency in dollars and cents. We are tied to the US Dollar so the exchange rate will always be the same US$1.25 = CI$1.00. US Dollars are readily accepted everywhere on the island. As the Cayman Islands import everything, please allow for a 20-30% increase in prices compared to the USA. However, don't forget we do have duty free shops offering luxury goods, jewelry, cameras, perfumes etc. British and Canadian currencies can be exchanged at our banks. The banks are open 9am � 4pm weekdays only.

Travel Documents

Please check with the airline or your travel agent.

When you Arrive

Time Of Arrival

Check in time is 3:00pm. We must have your time of arrival and flight number so that your car and villa will be ready and we can advise you where to collect the keys for your villa.

The Airport

On arrival in Grand Cayman, the procedure through the airport is the same as in other countries. Taxis will be waiting as you exit the customs area. We can reserve a rental car for you and a reservation is strongly recommended at busy times, holidays and during the winter season, as you may find none available on arrival.

Rental Vehicles

Rental car agencies are generally situated across the road from the airport at the Airport Center. If you have heavy luggage, one member of your party should walk across the street to the car rental agency and then drive back to the airport to collect the others. If there is more then one driver, all drivers must present their licenses. If the agency is not at the airport, you should take a taxi there (it will only be a few minutes drive). Rental vehicles range from 2 & 4 door cars (economy to luxury), jeeps (4 � 8 passengers), and minivans (8 � 12 seats). Motor bikes, scooters and bicycles are also available for rental. We normally deal with Coconut Car Rentals on Grand Cayman because they have the most reliable vehicles and generally the least expensive. Jeeps and vans are available on Little Cayman. There is usually a 10% discount for a rental of 4 weeks and over. Ask us for the rates. Remember we drive on the left as in Britain, but left-hand drive vehicles are available. Drivers must be 21 years or older.

Cayman Villas Office

Our office is situated just as you exit the airport, on the airport road, after you pass the rental car agencies. If you arrive during our office hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, please stop by to check�in, settle any outstanding balance, collect your receipts and directions to your villa.

Keys To Your Villa

Please bring your confirmation form and instructions with you.

At Cayman Villas

Please check in at our office for your keys.

At Coconut Car Rentals

If you arrive on weekends (Sat/Sun), public holidays or after working hours (9-5 Mon � Fri), your keys and documents will be at Coconut Car Rental across from the airport.

At the office of your resort

If you have chosen a resort with a managers office on the premises, after taking a taxi or your rental car, go directly to the resort office where the manager will give you your keys and show you to your condo.

At your villa

If you have chosen a private villa, drive directly to your villa where the door will be open and the keys inside. The managers telephone number is on your confirmation form. All of our villas have a sign on the roadside, but check our map for the specific location. It is generally very easy as our road system is simple and the roads are wide and well maintained.

At the Airport

If your villa is on Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, you will be met at the airport. The manager will be there with the keys and will assist with your car rental and direct you to your villa or take you there. Please check with the manager for check � out procedure.


Your confirmation form will indicate that your credit card will automatically be debited for final payment on the day of arrival. Visa/MC/Discover/Amex, cashiers check, travelers checks and cash also accepted. SORRY, No agency checks or personal checks for final payment.


Most resorts that have a manager on the premises will be able to accept major credit cards. However, please ask before arrival, not all cards are accepted.

Private Villas

If you are staying in a private Villa and do not wish to pay by credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex) then you should do this on arrival at our office. If arriving after hours, you should come by our office at the first opportunity to arrange payment and obtain your receipt.

Little Cayman/Cayman Brac

Payment of your balance should be made on arrival. If you will not be able to visit our office before flying to Little Cayman/Cayman Brac, we will automatically deduct the balance from your credit card.


You may like to food shop on arrival before occupying your villa. There are grocery stores all over the island and near your villa, but some are very small. Larger supermarkets are near Georgetown and the airport supermarket (Foster's) is open 7am � 11pm, Mon � Sat. All stores close on holidays and Sundays. Clothing Stores, Duty free shopping etc. are available in the main towns only, and at the airport on departure.

Maid Service

Please check our listing or confirmation form for maid service. There is no maid service on Sundays or public holidays.

Daily maid service

This is a hotel type maid service, every day except Sundays and holidays. Maids will not cook, baby-sit or do any personal laundry. Washing dishes varies from place to place, so please do not expect it.

Partial maid service

This is a hotel type maid service (as above) once or twice a week. Check with your manager for the days of service.

Optional maid Service

The Villa will be cleaned before your arrival and after your departure. Extra linen will be provided in the villa for your stay. If you want maid service, please call the manager and make arrangements with him/her. This will be an additional charge of approx. US$15 � US$20 per hour.

Cooks And Babysitters

Cooks should be arranged before your arrival, especially if visiting during the busy times of Christmas, February & Easter. The charge for cooks is approx. US$20 per hour and some will also buy groceries for the same fee and deliver to your villa prior to your arrival. Babysitters charge approx. US$10 per hour. Please contact your manager for names and telephone numbers.


If you become ill during your stay, please contact your manager for details of who to call. We have a number of specialists on the island most of which have private clinics that are open weekdays only. However, for emergencies or on weekends, the hospital in George Town is always open and doctors are on call 24 hours a day. You can call 911. Should you require overseas medical attention, the local air ambulance will be called through the hospital.

On Departure

Check Out Time is 12:00 noon. If we have another check-in the same day, we may have the housekeeper begin cleaning at 11:00am. However, if you are on a late flight and guests are not expected the same day, it may be possible to stay in your villa a little longer. Prior to your date of departure, you must contact our office to arrange an alternate check-out time.

Service Evaluation

Most villas will ask you to complete a service evaluation questionnaire. Please take the time to complete this so we can improve our service for future guests.

Departure Tax

Departure tax is CI$8/US$10 per person.

Getting to Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is easy to get to, just fly into the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). WIMCO's Air Department is here to help you plan your flights to and from the island.

What to Do

There are many fun things to do in Grand Cayman and WIMCO's concierge team is here to help you make arrangements to ensure you have a great vacation.

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