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Experience for yourself the exclusive luxury and sea-breeze bliss of one of the Caribbean’s most legendary retreats: Mustique! For more than a half-century, this small, sun-kissed isle in the Grenadines has been an escape for the rich and famous. Take advantage of the luxury villas, house rentals, or five-star hotel accommodations we offer through WIMCO, and you too can be a part of the castaway club.

Imagine a palm-shaded beach picnic with a postcard Caribbean backdrop and toasting the sunset at the famous Basil’s Bar. How about snorkeling among the coral gardens, harnessing the trade winds on a day sail, slipping into the warm surf on horseback after a beach ride? 

These and all the rest of Mustique’s seductions are at your fingertips when you book a getaway to one of our villa rentals, vacation homes, or luxury hotel rooms on this Windward Islands hideaway. Unique in the Caribbean, each and every villa here has its own private chef and butler.  Relax West Indies style, whether you choose a private beachfront villa or a well-appointed 5-star hotel room.

Featured Mustique Villa Rentals

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV MOA, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Moana (MV MOA)

$1286 - $2929/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV TIS, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Ti Soleil (MV TIS)

$1357 - $2786/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV LAN, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

L'Ansecoy House (MV LAN)

$2214 - $3857/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV AUR, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Aurora (MV AUR)

$2571 - $5286/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV CAC, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Cactus Hill (MV CAC)

$2714 - $4429/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV BCK, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Blackstone (MV BCK)

$3214 - $6143/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV MGT, Mustique, Pasture Bay Vacation home rentals, Pasture Bay Villas

Moongate (MV MGT)

$3429 - $5429/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV JOL, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Les Jolies Eaux (MV JOL)

$3571 - $7143/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV JAC, Mustique, Direct Beach Access Vacation home rentals, Direct Beach Access Villas

Jacaranda (MV JAC)

$4286 - $7857/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Mustique Vacation rentals MV PLA, Mustique, Hillside Vacation home rentals, Hillside Villas

Plantation House (MV PLA)

$7286 - $12143/Night

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Mustique Beach Vacation Rentals & Villas

Private villas with staff have been at the heart of Mustique’s emergence as a top upscale Caribbean destination. Kick back on a patio sweetly scented by the sea breeze and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Staying in a Mustique villa is the best way to experience the island’s luxury lifestyle and R&R.

Face the biggest decision of the day choosing between the pool and the sea. Indulge in the pleasures of a fully stocked pantry, having restaurant and beach-picnic reservations arranged. Enjoy the leisure of having the services of a private chef and maid available throughout the day. Surrender happily to the laid-back tempo of “island time.”

Mustique luxury villas and vacation rentals through WIMCO Villas can make you feel a part of the jet-setting community of owners here, in the company of world-famous rock stars, Hollywood elite, and genuine royalty. You’ll have your very own palatial spread as your home base in the Windwards, after all!

There’s a Mustique villa perfectly suited to whatever the getaway you’re dreaming of. Invite that special somebody to join you at one of our romantic private luxury villas and swoon side by side amid Caribbean splendor. Bring the whole gang along for a beachside family holiday that’ll mint lifelong memories left and right: Let the kids make new friends, fly kites, join a treasure hunt or another of the many activities Mustique’s social director schedules. 

Treat yourself to some majorly overdue “me time” spent immersed in the serenity of one of our Mustique vacation rentals. Recharge with poolside siestas, sand-between-your-toes dining, sunrise yoga, perhaps a fishing trip or surfing adventure. 

With the privacy, on-site amenities, and local staff of a private Mustique Island villa, you’ll enjoy “castaway” treatment of the most deluxe and dreamy sort.

Beach Houses & Beachfront Villas on Mustique Island

You know that unspoiled tropical beach of your fantasies? The one you catch yourself daydreaming about in the midst of workaday routines? Well, it’s waiting for you on Mustique, steps from your private villa. Whether it’s a two bedroom retreat or a sprawling eight bedroom estate with tennis court, we have villas all around Mustique Island, many of them beachfront properties a seashell’s toss from the water. 

Your Mustique Island villa has all the essential ingredients for a dreamy vacation: murmuring palms, pearly sands, the gentle wash of the waves, a skyline of fair weather clouds — not to mention ravishing sunrises or sunsets. Maybe you’re looking for an action-packed day at the beach: windsurfing, swimming and snorkeling. Maybe you’d rather relax in your villa, nestle in with a good book and the song of the waves in your ear, drifting in and out of a light seaside sleep. Maybe it’s a combination thereof. 

Whether a romantic sweetheart’s trip, a family vacation, or a rejuvenating solo escape, accommodations don’t get any better than beachfront villas and luxury house rentals by the first-class beaches of Mustique.

Mustique Vacation Ideas

Plan Your Mustique Vacation

Mustique 5 Star Hotels & Resorts

Some travelers may opt for Mustique accommodations of the 5-star hotel variety, which we’re also happy to arrange here at WIMCO Villas. When it comes to Mustique luxury hotels, look no further than the well-known and long-running Cotton House. 

The famed British designer Oliver Messel, whose architectural imprint is throughout Mustique (including some of our villas for rent), helped craft the original incarnation of the hotel from an 18th-century sugar mill and warehouse. It’s gone through a number of stellar renovations since. 

Set up in a luxury hotel room or suite at the Cotton House, you’ll have access to everything from a private pool, croquet lawn, and beachfront to some of the island’s best dining and spa treatments.


Renting Luxury Villas or Luxury Hotels — Which One is Right for You?

Lovely as a Mustique hotel stay can be, many of our clients gravitate toward the private luxury villa experience. The dozens of Mustique Island villas give you the widest choice of settings: from magnificent hillside perches with far-reaching views to beachfront oases steps from the water.

You’re sure to fall in love with the combination these Mustique villa rentals offer: gorgeous architecture, lush landscaping, across-the-board amenities, and such unbeatable conveniences as grocery delivery and private chef and maid services.

Where is Mustique & Why Visit?

Mustique is a 3.5-square-mile island in the heart of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, situated in the southern reach of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Approximately 100 miles west of Barbados, it’s set between the mini-archipelago of the Pillories to the north and uninhabited Petit Mustique to the south. The Mustique Company, whose shareholders and the local property holders, owns and manages the island.

When Colin Tennant, the Lord Glenconner, purchased Mustique for £45,000 in 1959, scrub and jungle had reclaimed its former plantation lands. And the island lacked roads, running water, and electricity. 

Tennant transformed the abandoned isle into an elite Caribbean haven, and got it on the map by gifting a plot to Princess Margaret. From Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, David Bowie and Tommy Hilfiger to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Mustique rapidly became a place for celebrities, high-rollers, and royals to live and vacation. 

The island retains that high-toned appeal today, yet it also offers a quiet and peaceful alternative to most other Caribbean islands.  Well-heeled as its residents are — and host as it is to many a cocktail party and beach soiree — Mustique is, at heart, a place to relax and unwind. 

Conservation and sustainability are part of the equation here alongside all the bliss. There’s a pristine kind of tropical escapism available here, charged with some star-studded cachet. It all makes for quite the magnetic draw.

From green hills and those lauded beaches to diverse mangrove forests and coral reefs, Mustique’s natural side has plenty to recommend it. The island’s stewardship program helps ensure the island’s ecological spectrum is protected—and thus its own genuine attraction. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Mustique?

Firmly set in the tropics, Mustique enjoys pleasant temperatures year-round, averaging 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The main tourist season is November to April though many come in summer as well. The rainy season kicks off in May or June and continues through November or so. All things considered, there’s not a bad time to come here!

How to Get to Mustique

The Mustique Company runs its own airline, which provides daily flights to the island from St. Lucia and Barbados. Scheduled service is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during peak season (July through August and November through April). The airline boasts a fleet of 18-seat Twin Otter planes for these island-hopping journeys, which take about 25 minutes from St. Lucia and 50 minutes from Barbados.

From Virgin Atlantic and Air Canada to American Airlines and Jet Blue, multiple major airlines offer direct flights to Barbados and St. Lucia from such North American cities as New York, Miami, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Newark, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

Remember, WIMCO Villas’ vacation specialists can arrange all of your local and international flights for a Mustique getaway. Don’t forget your valid U.S. passport!

What Are the Top Five Things to Do on Mustique?

Don’t let Mustique’s modest size fool you: There’s tons to do on this island. (Also tons of opportunities to do nothing very much at all, which — at least part of the time)

Here are five of the classic island pastimes to enjoy while calling one of our Mustique villas, vacation rentals, or luxury hotel rooms home!


Beach Picnics

There’s no more quintessential way to spend some quality time seaside in Mustique than with a beach picnic. As you might imagine, these aren’t just any old picnics: They’re fashionable get-togethers enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, catered by your villa’s private chef, cast against radiant seascapes. With a simple work to your villa’s staff, you don’t have to stress about reserving picnic spots, or shopping for and setting up the spread — a major plus. 

Speaking of beaches, Mustique has a nice variety, split between the (generally rougher) Atlantic and (generally calmer) Caribbean coasts. Macaroni Beach on the Atlantic seafront is the best-known (and a coveted picnic spot), but there’s also Endeavour Bay, Lagoon, and the tranquil swimming beach of Gelliceaux (a favorite of Princess Margaret’s, by the way).

Watersports & Boating

A Mustique Island villa, rental home, or hotel suite puts world-class watersports at your beck and call. Take to the rollers off Macaroni Beach on a boogie-board or surfboard, or cruise over the gentle Caribbean sand shelves on a stand-up paddleboard or in snorkel gear. 

Go SCUBA diving with professional PADI instructors and guides to explore Mustique’s coral margins. Charter a schooner or catamaran for some by-the-wind sightseeing in nearshore waters. You can also take a daytrip cruise to some of the outstanding neighboring islands and islets — from the natural sanctuary of the Tobago Cays to the championship golf course on nearby Canouan. 


Mustique’s marine life is rigorously protected and fishing closely regulated. That translates to excellent saltwater angling, with numerous charters and guides on hand to help you reel in some glory. Popular game fish offshore include marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, dorado, and yellowtail snapper.


Mustique is a fabulous place to refine your serve-and-volley (or baseline-hugging) tactics. The Mustique Tennis Club maintains six omni-courts illuminated by floodlights. You’ll also find tennis courts at the Cotton House. 

Whether you’re looking to practice or play — or have a private clinic with a pro — you’ll be well set up at one of our Mustique villa rentals with private tennis courts. Game, set, and match!

Basil’s Bar

There’s no more famous establishment on Mustique than this waterfront bar on Britannia Bay, named for beloved longtime barman Basil Charles. Everybody from Princess Margaret and Kate Middleton to Mick Jagger and Hugh Grant have slaked their thirst and danced the night away here. 

Enjoy an expertly mixed daiquiri and tuck into grilled lobster tail or fresh local catch. The Wednesday evening “Jump Up” dance parties and the 24-hour-long New Year’s Eve soiree at Basil’s are renowned for good reason.

What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide to Our Clients Vacationing in Mustique?

You’ll find yourself poised for a note-perfect Caribbean getaway when you choose one of our Mustique Island villas, house rentals, or luxury hotel rooms or suites. Need a table at one of the local restaurants such as Veranda or the Beach Café at the Cotton House? Allow us to secure a reservation. 

Would you rather enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of your Mustique private villa? We’ll supply the provisions — and the personal chef! Want to book a sportfishing charter, a day cruise, a beach picnic site? You’re in good hands with WIMCO's 24-7 complimentary concierge services. Leave all the details — your air travel, local "mule" (buggy) rentals, taking advantage of Mustique Island’s organized activities or childcare services — to us!

At WIMCO Villas, our mission is to do whatever it takes to make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. Contact us today to start planning your perfect Mustique vacation!


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