Driving Miss Daisies

May 2011
by Michael Chisholm

What a delight to be back on St Barths after 5 years, and what a difference time makes, it is like a whole new island. The St Barths airport is much improved. While it was OK before, it has now grown up and in much better shape for a first impression. Further improvements are coming too and from all accounts these will further enhance the arrival experience. We set up our car with ease and then set off for our villa WV HCH, which was to be our base for the next 4 days. I would be touring the Wimco villas with my fellow agents and daisies; Glenn, Lidy and Barbara.

Villa WV HCH, St Barts

The island is far greener than I remember and much more floral, flowers trailing over any available wall in all sorts of colours with fragrances wafting on the breeze. Very much a tropical gardeners delight.

We started our first full day with a light breakfast at the villa, then a pit stop at the Petite Colombe bakery in Gustavia for “2 café avec le lait pour aller”, before setting out on a 1 hour drive to different parts of this tiny island. At some point we would take advantage of an appropriate spot to taste the delicious coffee in the small paper cups. Generally I take coffee black, these though were great, an ideal morning coffee.

For our 1st day of villa visits we met up at the Wimco office to say hello and to everyone and then off we went. We rattled around the Pointe Milou area looking at villas. Then a lunch this day was at the Christopher, an excellent location and an excellent lunch.

The days went by fast, all the while for me adding to my familiarity with this wonderful destination, and soon Sunday approached, our “free day”. We all took full advantage in our own ways, I for my part, took a jet ski around the island. I would recommend this to anyone as it provides a different view of many familiar areas.

Seen in St Barts:
Villa WV HCH is a 3-bedroom villa with clear views to the islands beyond. It is located just above the ocean with lots of privacy, but is close enough to walk into Gustavia for shopping and dining.

Villa WV CML is a 7-bedroom estate that families will love. There is a pool, gym and ping pong table to enjoy in this private Camaruche villa.

Villa WV DSA was recently redone and would be a perfect destination for friends traveling together. All 3 bedrooms have ocean views and there are comfortable gathering areas inside and out.

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