Did you hear the story about...

by Bethany Ludwick

Did you hear the story about the baptism on a still New Year’s Day, where everyone was feeling the (ill) effects from New Year’s Eve, only for the service to be interrupted by a rooster being chased down the isle of the church by a German Shepherd? Sounds like it could be a Jimmy Buffett song and if you picture it in your mind, it makes you smile. If you’ve been to St. Barths and you know it’s a true story, it makes you smile wider. Such are the conversations and stories told over long leisurely meals in the jewel of the Caribbean.

This recent trip to St. Barths was a marvelous combination of visiting old acquaintances, meeting new ones, seeing villas, sharing meals, stories and laughs, and experiencing life on the island for two weeks.

Villa WV BEA

A three-bedroom villa located directly on the beach of Marigot; it’s truly a hidden Caribbean gem. Caribbean and modern styling come together to create a great beach shack. Rent a paddle board for the week and explore the waters right from your villa. Spend your days lounging in the sun on your backyard beach, squeeze a fresh lime in your drink from your own organic lime tree. When the sun sets, watch the ocean become illuminated with tropical fish swimming right in front of you. I can picture this villa for couples traveling together or families with children. Starting at $4,000/week

Villa WV BEA, St Barts

The well oiled machine, aka WIMCOsbh, continues to amaze. After a very long and busy winter, the team greeted us with smiles and warm welcomes. Clients, owners, and vendors coming into the office were all happy and seemed to enjoy the task at hand, whatever their reason for visiting was. The mornings were quiet, which was a nice respite, as the airport team prepared for the day’s arrivals. WIMCOsbh continues to shine. The boys in their handsome, pressed uniforms look so nice, the warm welcome at the reception desk, and the little things that make a difference: NY Times Digest daily, a cool glass of water, printing out a boarding pass, the ability to check emails, the offer of a petite café, it means a lot!

The Monday evening WIMCO cocktail party was a great opportunity to meet clients face to face! Some were old and some were new, but all had the same positive comments. A common thread in conversation, regardless of whom we were talking to, was how everyone seems so friendly, happy, and helpful. These comments were geared mostly towards people who live and work on the island and it was a nice to hear.

The villas looked great!

Villa WV MOZ, St Barts

Villa WV MOZ

Located on a cliff at the very tip of Pointe Milou, this villa is truly a destination within itself. My favorite memory of this villa is watching the whales play and feed right from the patio! This villa is not only well-kept, but the house staff are so friendly and attentive. Since this is a four bedroom villa, I would recommend this villa to a group of friends or large family. Starting at $17,900/week

As I was leaving St. Barths, a few words from one of dearest people I’ve met in my life, came to my mind. Her simple yet powerful statement, which still resonates with me almost 30 years later, “You know, there’s a villa out there for everyone.” There’s not a trip yet where that statement hasn’t rung true and with that, I think of the all great stories, laughs, meals shared, problems solved, and how lucky I am to help create this experience for our clients; doing everything we can, and helping every step of the way for our clients to have a true WIMCO experience.

Le Select, St Barts
Villa WV MOZ, St Barts
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