Important Travel Information for Tortola Vacations

Driving Etiquette

In Tortola we drive on the left hand side of the road. When driving up and down steep hills, you may want to put your vehicle into 4 wheel drive for added traction. Please remember these few, simple tips to make driving on the island more pleasant for everyone:

The roads here are narrow, bumpy and often slippery. When cars approach one another from opposite directions on a narrow road, the car nearest a driveway or a turnoff should back into it to let the other vehicle pass.

Cars coming up narrow hills have the right of way. Let them pass before continuing down.

BVI switchbacks are tricky! If you come to a blind curve, going up or down, it is best to use extreme caution and tap once or twice on your horn to warn other drivers. Many switchbacks can only be used by one vehicle at a time.

When you hear a short beep as you pass another vehicle, or flashing of high beams, don't be alarmed. It is simple local custom to say "thank you" for your courtesy, and you should reply likewise.

Watch for farm animals on the road, a common sight, especially at night.

Laundry Facilities

Due to water shortages and restrictions, laundry facilities are generally NOT available to villa guests for their personal use at any Tortola villa. The villa's maid may do your personal laundry during her maid service (this depends on the villa, but the housekeeper usually charges $10 per load for wash, dry and fold). You may also drop off your laundry at a Laundromat for wash, dry and fold service, or go to the local do- it -yourself Laundromat.


Many villas are built into steep hillsides, which afford you the fantastic ocean views. But often this also means that many of our villas have many stairs. So if you’re disabled or cannot handle many stairs, please be sure to ask when booking your villa how many stairs you'll have to climb. Please be sure to let us know if you are on crutches or in a wheelchair so we can be sure to book you into a villa that is handicapped-accessible.

Chefs & Groceries on Tortola

We have several excellent and very flexible chefs who are available to you for just one fabulous special dinner only, to one, two or three meals a day for the duration of your villa stays. We have sample menus available for each of our chefs, and we generally will put the chef you select directly in touch with you so that you can discuss your dates, times, menus, dietary requirements, and your grocery shopping list with her/him. Each chef requires an advance deposit for both your grocery shopping and for her cooking you may mail or wire transfer your deposit directly to your chef. Please bear in mind that the British Virgin Island has minimum water in effect, and chefs and other services will likely cost you somewhat more than on some other Caribbean islands. Chefs pricing is based upon number of guests, types of meals requested, etc. Here’s our list of excellent chefs on Tortola. Feel free to contact them directly:

Diana Flynn (284) 495 4348 home or email to inxs@surfbvi.som
Chef Steph (284)-494-8668 home or email to
Donna Arter (284)-440-1006 or email to

Once you have arranged your chef, you are required to let McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas know, so we can be sure to arrange access to your villa for her before your arrival to check on Kitchen amenities and supplies, and so she can pre-stock your groceries and begin preparation of your meal for you.


It is customary to tip your villa's housekeeper for excellent service and a job well done. We recommend $2 to $4 per guest, per day. If you have food and drinks left over in your villa when you depart, you can also leave these for the maids. They will be happy to have any food you must leave behind.

Provisioning Your Villa for Arrival

With at least 7 days' notice, we will be happy to pre-stock your villa with the food and beverages of your choice, and put these in your villa before you arrive. We have most familiar American Brands available here. Provisioning service along (without cooking) will cost you $25 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum charge, for grocery shopping service. Please e-mail your detailed grocery list to our Guest Services department. You’ll find nothing but an occasional few staples in your villa when you arrive, so provisions is an excellent idea to consider if you’re arriving into Tortola at night, and are traveling with small children or just don’t want the hassle of going to the grocery store as soon as you arrive on island.

Upon Arrival, Please Follow these Instructions:

  • Claim your luggage.

  • You will be met outside baggage claim by a McLaughlin Anderson Villa representative who will by carrying a sign with your name on it.

  • If you have already arranged a car with WIMCO, the representative will take you directly to your villa where your car (D&D Car Rental) will be waiting for you. All the necessary paperwork, including your temporary B.V.I. driver's license ( $10 US) will be taken care of at the villa.

  • If you have made your own car arrangements, the representative will take you first to the car rental agency to do the necessary paperwork, and then have you follow him, in your rental car, to your villa.

    Please note: if you intend to rent a car on your own, please try to avoid Hertz, as it is located at the extreme western end of the island. This remote location presents numerous logistical and geographical difficulties in getting to your villa promptly.

  • Once at your villa, your representative will orient you to all aspects of the villa, as well as answer any questions you may have about the island and your villa vacation.

  • If, for any reason, you need assistance while on Tortola, please do not hesitate to call Phil or Lynn Johnson at (284) 494-4298

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