Florence Events and Festivals Schedule


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino- May 2-9

A series of internationally acclaimed classical music concerts along with ballets and operas in venues across the city. It is important to reserve tickets far in advance as they get taken quickly.


Patron Saint's Day- June 24

To celebrate St John the Baptist the city has a day of celebration ending with fireworks and a feast. Also on the same day is the Calico Storica, a 1600s version of soccer that incorporates rugby and wresting while four teams go at it in clothes from the 1600s.


Teatro Romano- July 21-22

A series of performances are held throughout the month at the Teatro Romano, an ancient roman amphitheater. This is an amazing experience that allows you to enjoy music and dance as thousands if not millions of romans used to.


Festa di San Lorenzo- August 1-10

For its feast day the Piazza San Lorenzo offers free food, drink, and live music outdoors in the evening.


Nativity of the Virgin Mary- September 8

On this religious holiday Florence's cathedral opens its doors and allows visitors to walk up to the walkway around the cupola and get a 270-degree view of the city from a nice, high vantage point.

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