Things To Do and in Mykonos and Santorini, Greece Vacations

Anemo Theater

Set in a unique olive garden in the center of town, Anemo Theatre is a non-profit, open-air center for the performing arts. Between July and September, distinguished artists present an eclectic array of concerts, performances, and seminars.


Mykoniots claim that exactly 365 churches and chapels dot their landscape, one for each day of the year. The most famous of these is the Church of Paraportiani. The sloping, whitewashed grouping of four chapels, mixing Byzantine and vernacular idioms, has been described as "a confectioner's dream gone mad," and its position on a promontory facing the sea sets off the unique architecture.

Day Trip to Delos

Visit this UNESCO site and explore the ruins of this magnificent ancient city. This tour is just a few hours long, but is a considered "must see" while visiting Mykonos.

Hiking from Fira to Oia

This scenic six mile hike is the top activity to partake in when in Santorini. When you make your way to Oia, choose between a handful of restaurants and try to catch the sunset while doing so. The hike can be quiet moderate, so its best for those in good shape!

Little Venice

Many of the early ship's captains built distinguished houses directly on the sea here, with wooden balconies overlooking the water. Today, "Little Venice", at the southwest end of the port, has seen some of its old houses turn into stylish bars, which are quite romantic. Enjoy cruising through the streets of Little Venice that are lined with a plethora of restaurants and shops. Pick up souvenirs for loved ones, or experience authentic Greek cuisine while watching the sun go down.

Monastery of the Panayia Tourliani

A monastery founded in 1580 and dedicated to the proctress of Mykonos. Its architecture and artwork (depicting scenes from the New Testament) are a reason to visit. Located in the central part of the island. (By appointment only - ask us to arrange!)

Santorini Volcano

Grab a pair of sneakers and hike up this volcano, while glimmering waters surround you. Bring a bathing suit to take a dip in the natural hot springs or in the ocean on the way down.

Scuba and Snorkeling and Windsurfing

Mykonos has an abundance of opportunities to go scuba dive, snorkel or windsurf. Ask us about how to arrange outings.

Wine Tours

Sample a variety of fine wines while touring Greek wineries. There are a variety of excursions to choose from, while some focus on including meals like lunch or dinner, while others are more focused on the product itself.

Elia Beach

Lined with chairs and umbrellas, Elia beach is one of the most popular for relaxing in Mykonos.

Lia Beach

With soft sand and crystal clear water, this beach is family friendly and great for diving.

Kamari Beach

Kamari is perhaps the most upscale beach on Santorin. Lined with restaurants and bars, it has an upbeat atmosphere and is good for families, too.

Paradise Beach

Mykonos's most famous beach attracts young crowds due to the bustling party scene here.

Paraga Beach

This Mykonos beach is almost divided into two beaches, as the southern side is calm and relaxed, while the northern side is more organized with umbrellas and chairs. Regardless, it is a wonderful beach for partying, partaking in water sports, or just relaxing.

Perissa Beach

Quieter than Kamari, Perissa Beach in Santorini caters more to a backpacker crowd. This is a better option if you're looking to let loose and enjoy a few libations, or also dine at some beachside restaurants.

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