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Mykonos Events

Greece is a very lively country and has dozens and dozens of festivals throughout the year. Most of these festivals are tied directly to a specific religious holiday or saint. In fact, there are so many small holidays and festivals; we could not possibly list them all here. The following events are either some of the biggest that are celebrated throughout the entire country or smaller events that take place in areas of Greece where Wimco rents villas.


Biennale- May 11- November 24
A festival celebrating art and philosophy. Music and dance performances are hosted across the island.


The island’s top clubs bring in DJs from all over the world host dance parties to kick off the season


XLSIOR- August 21-28
A Gay music festival where people from all over the world come together to support gay rights.


Harvest Festival- September 8
On the second Sunday of September the agricultural museum hosts a festival where visitors can help press the recently harvested wine grapes while enjoying food, drink, music.

Santorini Events Schedule


Santorini Jazz festival
Famous Greek and international jazz performers come to the island for two weeks of performances


Megaron Gyzi festival
In the first three weeks of August the Gyzi estate hosts many cultural events including musical performances and art exhibitions, all of which are open to the public.


International Music festival
In the Petros Nomikos Conference Centre music performers from all over the world come to play music of every genre


The Santorini Experience- October 4-6
A foot race that involves running and swimming underneath a volcano, the ultimate sports experience brings many people to the island each year.

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