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The crystal-clear, blue waters of the Aegean Sea contrasted by the simple, white-washed buildings of Santorini are the things that make vacation dreams. If you're looking to realize those dreams with a stay in a luxury Santorini villa or beach vacation rental, there are ample properties offered for any size group, from those looking for a second honeymoon to those planning a large family reunion.

While Santorini is best known for its steep caldera, there are several excellent and unique beaches around the island, including black and red sand beaches. Imagine walking right out of your rental house onto the sand or enjoying your morning coffee as you watch the sun rise over the sea.

A Santorini vacation rental villa or beach house gives you plenty of room to spread out and relax. Most have full kitchens, so you don't have to interrupt your beach time to go to a restaurant for meals. Many have amenities like swimming pools and hot tubs. Some even have tennis courts and fitness rooms.

Featured Santorini Villa Rentals

WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals MED ECO, Greece, Santorini Vacation home rentals, Santorini Villas

Native Eco (MED ECO)

$126 - $207/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals MED MIC, Greece, Santorini Vacation home rentals, Santorini Villas
WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals MED BLA, Greece, Santorini Vacation home rentals, Santorini Villas

Black Rock (MED BLA)

$186 - $274/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals GRC ERO, Greece, Santorini/Imerovigli Vacation home rentals, Santorini/Imerovigli Villas

Erossea (GRC ERO)

$2400 - $3800/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals MED NAU, Greece, Santorini Vacation home rentals, Santorini Villas

Nautilus (MED NAU)

$86 - $126/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Greece Vacation rentals MED GAI, Greece, Santorini Vacation home rentals, Santorini Villas

Gaia (MED GAI)

$91 - $137/Night

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Santorini Vacation Rentals and Luxury Villas

Is your idea of the perfect vacation one that's filled with action, dancing til dawn and renting a sailboat to explore the Santorini coastline? Or maybe you'd prefer a quiet beach retreat, away from cellphones and interruptions, where you can read that novel you've been wanting to complete and reconnect with your spouse.

Whatever your idea of the perfect Greek island vacation, there's a Santorini villa rental that's right for you and your group. From cliff-side aeries to beachfront oases, we have a luxury Santorini vacation rental that you'll enjoy and where you can create memories that will last years after you return home.

Beach Houses and Beachfront Villas on Santorini

Picture the beautiful contrast between the black lava sand and the sparkling blue Aegean waters outside your luxury beachfront villa. Can you feel the sea breeze and the warm sun on your face as you sip your afternoon glass of Greek retsina on your own private verandah?

Experience this and share it with your friends and family with a luxury beachfront house or villa in Santorini. This ruggedly-lovely, crescent-shaped island has a casually-elegant vibe and plenty of rental homes from which to choose, many of which are just steps away from a beach.

Santorini Vacation Ideas

Plan Your Santorini Vacation

Santorini Five Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts

If your idea of a perfect Greek island vacation is having lots of activities and services, Santorini also has a varied selection of five-star luxury resorts. Some are small and secluded like the adults-only Sun Rocks Hotel and the boutique cave hotel Iconic Santorini.

Others have dramatic cliff-side views of the sea and private plunge pools like Andronis Luxury Suites, Grace Santorini and Katikies. If you're looking for a resort with an excellent choice of restaurants without sacrificing the magnificent view, then Canaves Oia is right for you. Another unique choice is Eros Santorini, which is perched at the edge of the Caldera outside of Oia and has beautifully-manicured gardens where you can relax and get away from the outside world.

For a 5-star hotel with luxury spa services, we suggest San Antonio in Santorini. In short, there's a luxury Santorini five-star resort for every size group and every vacation style, and WIMCO’s reservations department can make reservations for you at any one of them.

Renting Luxury Villas or Luxury Resorts - Which One Is Right for You?

There are so many great types of vacation accommodations on Santorini, how do you choose between a luxury villa and a Santorini luxury resort? A luxury villa is a good choice if you're looking for a quiet getaway or have a larger group where you want each couple to have their privacy but share a common living area.

Staying in a villa doesn't mean that you have to forego the luxury services you'd find in a 5-star resort. When you rent a luxury vacation home, you can pick the level of service you'd like, including things like regular housekeeping, a private chef and butler and even in-villa spa services.

Conversely, when you choose a Santorini luxury resort, you have restaurants, spa services and bars just steps away from your suite as well as daily housekeeping and extra amenities like a fleet of vehicles for sightseeing, room service and laundry service.

At WIMCO VIllas, our experienced and friendly travel planners can help you create the Santorini luxury vacation you've always dreamed about. Whether that includes reserving a romantic table for two or having your pantry stocked with all of your favorite foods and beverages, we'll make sure that you have everything you need to create a memorable vacation.

Where is Santorini and Why Visit?

Santorini — officially called Thira — is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, located about 120 nautical miles from the Greek mainland. The island, which is known for its dramatic cliff face and stunning sunsets, is a remnant of a volcanic caldera.

Santorini was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, approximately 3,600 years ago. Some believe the island to be the fabled, lost civilization of Atlantis.

Today, Santorini is best known for its beaches, its scenic beauty, its flourishing wine industry and its picturesque villages filled with traditional, white-washed buildings.

The weather in Santorini is best between early April and late November. However, the island can get crowded during the summer months, especially during August when many European businesses shut down for vacation.

Rates for accommodations, even many Santorini luxury villas and resorts, are less expensive during April, May, October and November.

How to get to Santorini?

Santorini is accessible via air or sea. Visitors arriving by air fly into the Santorini National Airport, located in the center of the island near Kamari. Non-stop flights are available from Athens and London. Contact WIMCO to book your flights for you.

Travel time is approximately one hour from Athens and four hours from London. Alternatively, visitors can arrive by ferry at the Athinios ferry port from the Port of Athens in Piraeus. The sea voyage takes about eight hours.

A passport with at least six months validity is required for US and Canadian citizens to visit Santorini.

What are the top five things to do in Santorini?

Those staying in luxury Santorini villas will find plenty of fun and exciting things to do. You might want to extend your stay for a few extra days to experience it all. Just a few of our favorites include:

1. Enjoy the Beaches

Santorini has more than a dozen beaches, all different in topography. These include Kamari Beach, near the ruins of ancient Thira; the black sand beach at Perissa and the unique Red Sand Beach.

2. Explore the Ancient Ruins

The ruins of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri is one of the most interesting and the most popular attractions in Santorini. The island was part of the Minoan civilization before it was covered in ash in the 17th century BCA. Sometimes called the "Greek Pompeii", Akrotiri has been excavated and preserved and serves as a fascinating window in this prehistoric culture.

3. Experience the Sunset

Santorini is world-famous for its spectacular sunsets. The Town of Oia and the Fira-Oia hiking trail are some of the best places to view the sunset. You can also take a sunset cruise and enjoy cocktails and dinner while watching the sun slip below the horizon.

4. Go Hiking

Hiking the many miles of trails along the hills and plateaus of Santorini is a great way to experience the beauty of the island. The most famous of these is the Fira-Oia trail that snakes its way up the caldera. Other good trails include the Imerovigli to Oia trail and the Perissa to Kamari trail, which passes by the ancient ruins of Thera.

5. Savor the Local Food

Greek food is some of the best in the world. Sampling the variety of restaurants on the island is a highlight of any stay in a Santorini luxury villa or resort. Greek cuisine is noted for its simple, grilled meat and seafood; fresh produce and salads; and honey-laden desserts. Some of our favorite eateries on the island include Ammoudi Fish Tavern, Sunset for fresh seafood and Yalos.

What services do WIMCO Villas provide to our clients vacationing in Santorini?

Leave all of the planning to WIMCO Villas for stress free, carefree vacation planning. Want to have a 50th birthday party for one of your friends? Looking for that uber-romantic dining spot for your anniversary? Need your kitchen stocked with your favorite foods, so that you're ready to entertain when you arrive? Our experienced and friendly staff can help you with all of these things and more.

One of the advantages to staying in our Santorini beach vacation rentals and other properties is that you have a staff to help you with all those details that help create a memorable trip. If it's an authentic Greek dinner delivered to your villa, a boat rental or a private chef, we're happy to make the arrangements.

The experienced team of vacation specialists at WIMCO Villas is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to start planning your dream Santorini vacation.

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