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The Lake Como region, located in northern Italy's Lombardy province, is about 25 miles north of Milan near the Swiss border. The highlight of the area, which has been attracting tourists since Roman times, is the "Y"-shaped eponymous lake and the many villages, villas and spas that surround it. Huffington Post calls it the "most beautiful lake in the world" and it's difficult to argue with that assessment. 

Lake Como is known for its luxury, lakeside villas, some of which date back to the 19th century. We offer an array of villas and luxury vacation rentals of all sizes, from historic, restored properties to modern, glass-sided compounds. The only thing all of our properties have in common is that one-of-a-kind view of the tranquil Lake Como waters and the woodlands beyond. 

If you think a villa might be too quiet for you and your spouse, we represent all of the best, five-star resorts in the Lake Como area. These properties not only have luxurious suites with all of the amenities, but offer an array of facilities and services just steps away from your bedroom. 

Featured Lake Como Villa Rentals

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV ADR, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Adria (BRV ADR)

$1021 - $1326/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV CIR, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Cira (BRV CIR)

$1050 - $1050/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals HII ALA, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Alano (HII ALA)

$1229 - $1557/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV MLT, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Melite (BRV MLT)

$1950 - $1950/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV PLI, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Pliniana (BRV PLI)

$2744 - $2744/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV JEN, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Jeanneret (BRV JEN)

$2829 - $2829/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV DDA, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Dada (BRV DDA)

$3304 - $4750/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV CMA, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Cima (BRV CMA)

Price on Request

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV MLK, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Malakoff (BRV MLK)

Price on Request

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV GAR, Italy, Lake Como Vacation home rentals, Lake Como Villas

Garrovo (BRV GAR)

Price on Request

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Lake Como Villa Rentals

This upscale resort area is known for its dramatic scenery, great food, many artistic and cultural gems and beautiful private villas. It’s the perfect place to spend a romantic week or two with your spouse (or significant other) getting reacquainted away from work and family obligations. 

Do you want to explore northern Italy's Lombardy wine districts and wander the small, charming towns that make up the lake region? Whatever your vision of the ideal Lake Como vacation, WIMCO Villas has a luxury villa to meet and exceed your dreams. From the spacious eight-bedroom, lakeside Villa Dada with its own private dock to the more intimate, hillside Villa Alano, we have the property to match your vision. Nearby Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda provide attractive day trip options for travelers renting a villa on Lake Como.

Best Villas in Lake Como with a Private Pool

Imagine returning to your private Lake Como villa rental after a day of shopping, boating and sightseeing and jumping into your private swimming pool overlooking the lake. Especially if you're traveling with kids, consider renting a villa with a pool. They'll love being able to get a little rowdy after being good all day in town. All of our luxury Lake Como villas include a private pool. These include Villa Jeanneret, with its manicured lawns overlooking the lake, and the five-bedroom Villa Lustrale, with its infinity pool.

Lake Como Vacation Ideas

Plan Your Lake Como Vacation

Lake Como 5 Star Luxury Hotels

If your dream Lake Como vacation includes having a spa down the hall, 24-hour room service and a choice of excellent restaurants all within walking distance, then a five-star luxury hotel is probably a better choice for you than a luxury villa. We represent four of the best Lake Como luxury hotels and our staff will be happy to help you choose the one that's a good fit for you and your family. 

To give you an idea, if you want a hotel with lots of grace and history, Villa d'Este is a  great choice. This sprawling hotel was built in the late 19th century. Author Edith Wharton stayed there as did England's Queen Caroline and a host of other celebrities since then. "Forbes" magazine has called it the "best hotel in the world". Each May, the hotel hosts a world-renowned vintage car show. 

In contrast to Villa d'Este, Il Sereno is one of the most modern luxury hotels along Lake Como. Located at the water's edge, this hotel has just 30 suites, all with floor-to-ceiling windows to make sure that guests all get a great view of the lake.

Another historic villa turned luxury hotel is the Moorish Villa Crespi, located along the shore of Lake Orta, a smaller lake west of Lake Como. This luxury, five-star hotel was built in 1879 and was a private residence for 120 years. Now restored, Villa Crespi combines Moorish architecture and style with Italian hospitality and a Michelin star restaurant. 

The classic Grand Hotel Tremezzo, located along the shores of Lake Como, offers a wide variety of amenities, including multiple eateries, a full spa with an indoor/outdoor swimming pool and even a private, six-bedroom, on-site villa that allows you to combine the best features of both the villa and five-star hotel experiences.

Renting Luxury Villas or Staying in a Luxury Hotel - Which One Is Right for You?

The decision of whether to stay in a luxury Lake Como villa or a five-star Lake Como resort can be a difficult one. After all, there are just so many luxury accommodations and beautiful properties. A luxury villa is ideal for those who want a little privacy and room to spread out. Most villas for rent have full kitchens, so you can prefer at least a few of your own meals. 

Many villas also have private swimming pools and terraces that make great places to entertain and relax. Conversely, a five-star resort is best-suited to those who want to be within walking distance of multiple restaurants, services and activities. Some Lake Como five-star resorts even have spas. 

Whichever type of accommodation you ultimately decide on, the WIMCO Villas staff will help you create the Lake Como vacation that you've always imagined. Whether that means hosting a private wine tasting on the terrace of your private villa or securing a romantic, lakeside table at an area restaurant, we can make your dreams a reality. Contact us today at to speak with an Italy vacation specialist.

Where is Lake Como and Why Visit?

Lake Como, also known as Lario is located in Italy's Lake District in the northern province of Lombardy, is a popular resort and one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The area surrounding the picturesque "Y"-shaped lake is known for its colorful villages and large lakeside villas..

The region has a delightful, cool climate; sparkling, clear waters and some of the best food in northern Italy. George Clooney and his wife have a summer home there as do Brad Pitt, Richard Branson and George Lucas.

The Lake Como area is home to a variety of wineries and some of Italy's most famous dishes, such as Osso Buco (braised veal shanks), risotto and panettone (a baked Christmas pudding) originated here. Winding, country roads connect the shoreline towns and the hillside villages, each with a more beautiful panorama than the last.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Lake Como?

The lake keeps the Lake Como region from being too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. In short, it's a delightful place to visit any time of the year. However, we prefer visiting during autumn, when the area is less crowded and the temperatures hover in the mid-60s. Autumn is also harvest season in the Lake Como region and you can see the local farmers bringing in their crops and taste some of this bounty in local restaurants.

How to get to Lake Como

The closest major airport to Lake Como is Milan's Malpensa Airport, which is about 25 minutes south of the Lake Como area. If you are traveling via private aircraft, there is also a small airport in Lugano, Switzerland, which is about 20 miles north of Lake Como. Commercial non-stop flights are available from New York City/Kennedy Airport to Milan.

American and Canadian citizens must have a passport with at least six months validity left on it to travel to Italy. No visa is required for stays of three months or less.

What are the top five things to do in Lake Como?

1. Enjoy a boat ride on Lake Como. No trip to the Lake Como region is complete without getting out on the lake at least once. All varieties of boats offer tours, from classic sailboats to modern yachts. The lake gives you an ideal perspective on the many villas that dot the shoreline as well as the natural beauty of the region.

2. Pamper yourself at a spa. The Lake Como region is well known for its many spas. Take a day off from sightseeing to pamper yourself and get a beauty or health treatment at one of the deluxe European-style spas in the area.

3. Take the funicular up to Brunate. The historic (but reconditioned) funicular connects the City of Como (at the edge of the lake) to the hillside town of Brunate via cars that travel along a track at a 55-degree incline. The charming Brunate offers spectacular views of Lake Como as well as unique shopping, cobblestone streets and an historic lighthouse to explore.

4. Stroll the streets of picturesque Bellagio. Bellagio, which sits at the mid-point between the two "Y"s of Lake Como, is known for its 19th century villas, historic churches and eclectic collection of shops and restaurants. It's also a good base for a canoeing or rafting excursion.

5. Savor the local cuisine. One of the best things about renting a Lake Como luxury villa is having an opportunity to sample the local foods and beverages. The Lombardy region, which surrounds Lake Como, is well-known as a gastronomical center. Local favorites include risotto alla milanese, osso bucco, fresh whitefish and pike from the lake, and fried pork cutlets.

What services does WIMCO Villas provide to our clients vacationing in Lake Como?

Imagine sitting on the porch of your lakeside villa, relaxing after a day of shopping and sightseeing with a glass of Prosecco in your hand. Catch the scent of a delicious Italian dinner being prepared for you by your own private chef.

These are just a few of the experiences you can have with a Lake Como luxury villa rental. Not only is the setting lovely, but you'll have WIMCO Villas’ friendly concierge team to attend to all of the details that make a vacation truly special. Such as dinner reservations, transportation, private tours of Lombardy wineries and even stocking your refrigerator with all of your favorite foods and beverages. We'll also help you with your flights, getting your passport if necessary, and your transportation to your Lake Como villa. 

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to make your vacation on Lake Como memorable and enjoyable. Every booking with WIMCO Villas is personalized and includes our complimentary 24/7 signature concierge service.

We genuinely enjoy taking the stress out of our clients' vacation plans. Leave everything to us – give us a call (401-849-8012) or contact us today to start planning your memorable Lake Como vacation!

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