Villas in Tuscany With Private Chef & Staff

Your time in the Tuscan countryside should be savored like the fine wines of this breathtaking region of Italy. When you stay in one of our luxury villas with a private chef, you'll be able to do just that.

Imagine waking up at your leisure, finding breakfast awaiting you, and enjoying a gourmet meal in the comfort and quiet of your own luxury villa. No waiting for a table at a crowded trattoria or having to rush your meal because a restaurant is about to close.

Vacationing in a villa with access to a private chef will elevate your getaway to the next level. Your meals will be tailored to your dining preferences and dietary restrictions. Everything will be made from fresh local ingredients, and you join the chef in the kitchen and have your own cooking class! It's a magical way to experience the true flavors of Tuscany.

Luxury Villas With Amazing Kitchens
Private Chef Service Available

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV MRA, Italy, Tuscany Vacation home rentals, Tuscany Villas

Morea (BRV MRA)

$1111 - $1984/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV FED, Italy, Tuscany/Val D Orcia Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Val D Orcia Villas

Federico (BRV FED)

$1224 - $1735/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV MNA, Italy, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Villas

Maremmana (BRV MNA)

$1540 - $2371/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV COL, Italy, Tuscany/Chianti Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Chianti Villas

Colli (BRV COL)

$1929 - $2643/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV MCS, Italy, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Villas

Marchesa (BRV MCS)

$2160 - $3240/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV ARM, Italy, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Maremma Coast Villas

Armonia (BRV ARM)

$2551 - $2959/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV RCA, Italy, Tuscany Vacation home rentals, Tuscany Villas

Rica (BRV RCA)

$696 - $990/Night

WIMCO Villas,  Italy Vacation rentals BRV BIC, Italy, Tuscany/Florence Vacation home rentals, Tuscany/Florence Villas

Bice (BRV BIC)

Price on Request

A selection of our villa portfolio in Tuscany have been upgraded to include large, well-equipped kitchens. These kitchens are designed for a personal chef to feel at home while preparing your meals. 

You can book a chef through WIMCO's complimentary concierge service, whether its for one meal, or a whole week of meals.  

Hiring a private chef typically costs between $75 and $150 per hour, and you should expect to hire one for three to six hours depending on the complexity of the meal, and the number of people to be served. That is how long a chef usually will need to shop, do prep work, cook, serve, and clean up. The food and beverages served during meals will be an additional cost.

If you want to hire a private chef, please let WIMCO's concierge team know soon after you reserve your villa in Tuscany so we can secure one for your vacation. This is especially important during the peak summer months when chefs typically book up quickly.

What Can You Expect From Your Private Chef?

Having a personal chef in your luxury villa might just be the pièce de résistance of your entire Tuscany vacation experience. 

These talented professionals will take care of your culinary needs, including but not limited to:

  • Planning the menus for your meals with you
  • Discussing your budget for your provisions
  •  Stocking your villa with your preferred food and beverages
  • Advising you of any additional staff you may need for your meals (for instance, if you might need extra servers for a dinner party)
  • Ensuring that each meal is tailored to your dietary needs and preferences
  • Preparing and cooking delicious gourmet meals, using locally sourced products
  • Clearing the table after meals and washing the dishes 
  • Cleaning the kitchen and leaving it spotless.

What Other Staff is Included in These Villas?

When you reserve a villa in Tuscany, most will include weekly house keeping services, and a local property manager who can drop in for regular maintenance.  

Once you reserve a villa in Tuscany, WIMCO’s concierge travel team will be available to you to book all your flights, and set-up local services (like hiring a private chef). 

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with every aspect of your Tuscany getaway, including arranging special services such as babysitting and making reservations for tours, excursions, and activities.

WIMCO also has local staff members who can address any issues or problems that should arise at your villa during your stay.

Why Choose WIMCO When Renting Villas with a Private Chef Service?

WIMCO believes in delivering a world-class experience for all guests. Our high-end properties have been hand-picked and are second to none in Tuscany.

Since we've been in the personal vacation planning and concierge service industry since 1983, we have become experts at anticipating our guests' needs and desires. 

Enjoy your vacation while our complimentary 24/7 concierge team can book your tours or activities.

Do you want to get off the beaten path and experience the real Tuscany? Our local team members know Tuscany as only the locals do, and we can make many recommendations with a more intimate feel to them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Villas with Chef & Staff in Tuscany

Is food and beverage included in the price?

The cost of food and beverages is not included in the price of your villa. If you choose to hire a private chef, you will be asked to do preliminary meal planning with your chef before you arrive. The chef will send you an invoice for an initial deposit to cover the cost of shopping for the first meal. 

Can I reserve a chef only for certain meals, or do I have to book one for all meals?

Yes, you can reserve a chef for one meal only, or for multiple meals. However, some chefs will only accept reservations for a full day or week of meals during the peak summer season. Chefs also book up quickly during this time, so reserving their services as soon you reserve your villa is recommended. 

Is there a minimum stay requirement for a villa rental with a chef?

Most of our Tuscany villa rentals where private chef service is available require a 7-night minimum stay, especially during the peak summer season. However, renting a luxury villa for a shorter stay of four to five nights is possible during the spring or fall. 

If there is a villa you are interested in, please contact a WIMCO villa specialist, who will work on your behalf to negotiate a shorter stay.

Ready to Get Started with Your Vacation in Tuscany?

When you are ready to talk with a villa specialist about planning your vacation in Tuscany, simply call 1-401-849-8012, or contact us. Our villa specialists are here to help you find the best villa with a chef in Tuscany, arrange your flights and transportation, and help you with all the other aspects of your vacation.

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