Events and Activities in Venice, Italy

February- Early March

Carnevale- Feburary 15-March 5

is the 2-week venation carnival that is all celebration throughout these two weeks most people will always be dressed up and the entire Carnevale is the oldest masquerade ball, reaching back to the middle ages.

Late April

The Festival di San Marco- April 25

is the celebration of the cities patron saint and of its romance. The local women all have flowers given to them signifying love and the gondoliers participate in races while carrying passengers.

Early June

The Festival della Sansa- June 1-2

is a celebration of the cities closeness to the water and kicks off with a floating parade of classic Venetian rowing boats

Venice art biennale, at la biennale

a renowned art institute, there is a yearly exhibition of art and artists from around the world with pavilions for each participating country.


Festa del Redentore- July 20-21

is a day of celebration with parades, fireworks, and picnicking to celebrate when the plague left the city at the church built at the same time, Palladio' Redentore church (the redeemer's church)

Late August

The Venice film festival- August 28-September 7

is held in high regard and is a time when many celebrities descend on the city to celebrate their accomplishments in film

Early September

Regata Storica- September 1

is a 300-year-old regatta that used to welcome dignitaries to the city, but now it fills the grand canal with over 300 historic boats crewed by men in the traditional clothes of that era

Mid December

Campo Santo Stefano Christmas Village

Santo Stefano hosts a Christmas village that sells handcrafted goods and lots of festive toys. There is also lots of food, drink, and music in the village.

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